Shield Hitboxes (no, not the class)

l IWIKU l Nomadic  Member 12 Dec 19 at 1:16pm
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CROSS A-V CmD Optic/SHIELD TR 08 1280/LVET HVY SSGT Blacklight
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What is your suggestion?
I suggest that we increase the hitbox size of shields or increase the size of them overall, it seems hyper easy to shoot around a front facing unit and deal full damage when they're pointed directly at you, I've been able to stare down RUs and shoot at the sides of their shields rather easily which does full HP/AP damage. With the nerf to shields, I thought it would be the right time to recommend this, as it's been a problem for a while
How would this benefit the server?
This would benefit the shield classes generally, allowing them what they need to do overall, which is frontline work, be it defensive or offensive. It would make the classes actually feel as powerful as they're supposed to, being able to shoot through something that's directly meant to block bullets is something that I think causes an imbalance to the server on multiple sides of play. 
Poison  VIP 12 Dec 19 at 4:05pm Edited
-1 for now now steam Id smh


Zio  VIP 12 Dec 19 at 4:25pm
+1 but yeh hand over the steam Id bro, it sure was annoying to get blasted by someone even tho u were facing him with ur shield
Ducks  Member 12 Dec 19 at 6:52pm
+1 speaking big facts and add id fam i guess
Venom  Senior Infrastructure Moderator 2 May 20 at 1:15pm
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