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MR.Arrow  Member 21 Mar 20 at 3:07pm
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A:Gold Battalion Colonel Heinz, MACE 9864, OSS LEVIATHAN Ketchup 

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A: Bruh cringe no 

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A: Mostly on server

What is your suggestion?
 1. Spread out the shop locations and maybe have one shop in each base to cater to a side
    2.  Let shop keepers decide which side can purchase there items and to have the ability to bar one side from buying if they choose so.
    3. Allow anarchists to be able to own shops but the shops should be somewhat like a black market selling weapons you usual cant that decay at a faster rate each death to keep the cost of repairing them high. Or simple add Inventory weapons that decay a bit faster in all different levels. But to get stock for this shop they should have to steal a different crate in each factions base every set time limit to gain a number of item stock. 
    4. Allow CWU to have the ability to open up UU shops that would sell to the union in there own base or around the map. Items sold could be 1 life items like armor charger,health kits and normal what they would sell in a Gm shop. These shops should be up kept by the combine by using resources with the perms
 of a officer to get more stock/ items to sell 
How would this benefit the server?
 1. Currently the shop locations are all at point D making it a constant point of need by both sides. This also makes it harder for players and shop keepers to operate when there a full on battle going on there. Spreading the shops out would allow shop keepers to stay in different areas and would spread out the shops equally among different area's but would also encourage players to go find other shops to see what  they have in stock compared to another.
2. This would allow shopkeepers to decide which side to sell to depending on how they treat them. Example CWU Taxing them,Combine or rebels being reckless and causing them to lose customers,etc and would add on to ingame rp that already barley exists 
3. This would allow anarchists to set up there own shops and defend it with there organization if they are one. And would give them a territory to operate around. This would add a diverse shop kind and prevent everyone from selling the same thing but with different prices. As eventually everyone would get armor and just has to worry about repairing it. They would not be competing with regular civilians as they would have to say rob a rebel or combine armory or find a different type of crate in there factions bases. 
4. This would automate how CWU would previously need a GM or site administrator to open up a shop. The shops would be open to the combine and civilians. This would provide a income for the UU with the pre-existing allowances as well as not compete with the civilians looking for crates.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 21 Mar 20 at 3:13pm
Reviewed/Accepted (The majority of it I agree with, at least.) Implementation will likely be within a few weeks, thank you for the suggestion.
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