Small nerf for Mace or Small buff to SU to counter Mace.

λ Trapper444 λ  Member 6 Feb 20 at 11:56pm
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A: NPU JURY 04 6590

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A: N/A

What is your suggestion?
A: Give a some sort of Nerf to Mace, here are some suggestions on how that would be make the class still playable and make it actually making a more skillfull class.
Here are some suggestions/ideas that people give me asking during the game on how could it be nerfed:

-If a mace Recives any kind of damange it would stop cloaking for few seconds
-Mace Cloak works with a timer that would uncloak em after the timer ends and cant cloak back again after a few seconds.
-Give some class Thermal googles that allows seeing mace even if cloaked (SU or RU since both already phisicly have googles, SUs so that Mace can counter SU and vice versa, or/and RU since they are ex combine and would make sense for em to have something to see Maces Cloaked)
-When Mace Moves, they would be slightly visible

How would this benefit the server?
A: Would make Mace Actually a Challenge while fighting enemys instead of being able to get "easy kills" on anyone they chose, also would make infiltration for Mace Much more challenging

Understand that if your suggestion is accepted, there is a possibility it won't actually be implemented. This could be due to a variety of development reasons.
Zartheshaman/Okami  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 12:00am Edited
+1 i like the 1st thing the "If a mace Recives any kind of damange it would stop cloaking for few seconds"
Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator Server Administrator VIP 7 Feb 20 at 12:02am
I’m fine with the ‘cannot cloak after being damaged’ thing. Thermal goggles would perform poorly to be honest.
#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 7 Feb 20 at 12:06am
I'm okay with the timer one and I really want the uncloak when shot but the RU/SU dont seem right mainly RU since they're already a counter to them but get their shields shredded due to 450 now and lowwwwwww TTK on server with majority of maces using SMGs cause deployment time
♛ DIO ♛  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 12:11am
-1 ''If they are visible while moving that literally fucks up their entire power to steal things fail even if its a bit.''
Neutral ''for thermal goggles,If you are giving SU and RU a way to counter mace than maces and some units should also have things that lets them describe if the person is a SU or not clearly without any chances.''
+1/Neutral for the ''cloak timer''.

In my opinion buffing ''SU'' would be more of a good way to counter MACE cause all the ideas you gave can literally fuck up the mace division and cause it to die.

Poison  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 12:14am
-1 what? 11 mace deploy and you get all pissy? anyways, getting damaged and not being able to cloak would make mace completely usless, mace isn't hard to counter in the first place.
Thermal Goggle is a stupid idea in general.
The timer is fine but doesn't need to be implemented at all.
Being slightly invisible when moving would again, make mace useless.
Mace is not as easy as you think, it takes skill to get done what needs to be done. There is going to be more than normal on for a little bit but it will die down soon and won't be a problem

"You can't change whats done, you can only move on."
~Arthur Morgan, The Legend of the East.

#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 7 Feb 20 at 12:17am
It wouldnt make then useless because uh that's done for NPU/MP and healing classes and they're still good
Vix  Junior Affairs Counselor VIP 7 Feb 20 at 12:17am Edited
Although its really easy for MACE to steal vehicles compared to SU, ruining their invisibility is kind of unfair, since SU are armed with a sniper rifle, and being disguised. Both classes have their own strengths. Thermal Goggles kind of seems overboard and would take a very long time to implement. Mace have a hard time against RU and other shielded units already due to Mace being squishier then MPF Union NCO Class.
The cloakstop after taking damage is kind of pointless since you can just shoot in their vicinity and probably kill them anyway.
Also when a mace moves, they SHOULD be completely invisible. Thats the entire point of the class. Thats their strength. Without it, MACE are just unions with climb swep.
If MACE is nerfed this much, SU should be also nerfed IMO. Mace IS a skillful class despite what you may see from the outside. So is SU. Personally, I think its decently balanced how it is right now.
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