SSteffan's Ban Appeal

SSteffan  VIP 25 May 20 at 7:57am
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NPU JURY 07 3772 (CK'd)
OVA KILO TR VC2 07 3773 (CK'd)

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T8 Jr Technicin Steffan (CK'd)
LVT FH CorpsMan PVT Wilhelm (CK'd)

CWU Affairs-R1 VLNTR Jah

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Steffan Wilhelm#4013

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Don't Remember

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I Did not have any Bad intentions nor did i negativly impact any players experience on the server, infact what i did positivly impacted player experience heres what happened. So as some of you will now not too long ago there was a glitch that meant only 1 hunter could be deployed at a time when the max was meant to be 2. so i was in a discord VC with Trench, Cruncle, Cheiftan and one other person whos name i forgot. Cruncle had been i think testing a hunter and had somehow lost it meaning that no more hunters could be deployed so trench and cruncle went into noclip around the map to try and find it because otherwise there would be no hunters for combine for the rest of the day. so they had been looking for it for about what i think was 20 minutes and it seemed like it was nowhere to be found and considering they had spent a large amount of time looking for it with noclip and not finding it made it seem like they would never find it any time soon so i suggested that i could use some ESP (see shit through walls) to help find the Hunter and everyone in the VC was like "yeah Sure" so i left the game found the client and enabled it then came back into the server with the client on. the entire time i was a civilian so there was no way i could detrement any player experience and i streamed what i was doing to everyone in the VC so they new 100% what i was doing at all times. i then with the help of trench tping me to different locations found the Hunter in some random tree far in the edges of the map, when i say in the tree i mean climbed up halfway the tree in the leaves in a position no one would find it. when i found it Trench deleted it and i left the game straight away then i also deleted the client from my computer and it's zip folder was also deleted. i went back into the game and played like normal no problems what so ever then what happened was that i think someone didn't like what i did and got me banned for it but they probably did not have the context of the situation which is ok since i know admins gotta do their jobs but i hope with the context i could be unbanned and i hope for trench to get his admin back or atleast mod since it seemed like he had no idea this would happen and im not sure if admins are trained for this kind of situation and with this kind of situation context really does matter as i did nothing to hurt the server or player experience even though i am sorry for doing what i did, i hope i could get back into the CvR community because it is the best i have ever come across in all my days on gmod. and before someone says they could have just did an admin cleanup they could not have since i was told by an admin that an admin cleanup of the map would fuck up ALOT OF SHIT so we could not have done that which was another reason as to why i did what i did because i saw little to no feasable way of the admins being able to rectify the issue anytime soon. I know i fucked up i made a mistake i won't ever do it again as i now see the full consequences i have learned from this lesson and i understand what i did wrong. i hope you can see the good intentions and i hope to be in CvR again.


Just what i have said here and you could also get whitness statements from the people i was with in that discord VC.

Side Note:

This is not a paper for english my punctuation and grammar may be bad but thats not the point of this thread so don't use that as a point to -1. please be nice.
Bel1ve.  VIP 25 May 20 at 8:02am
I mean I'm ngl this is quite a unique situation and recently they told they'd act with harsher punishments so I highly doubt you will get unbanned.
I heard the story, although I was not present in the situation it seems like an honest mistake, YET this is not allowed its stated in the rules (explicitly like really).
I suppose you didn't do anything harmfull to the server and I hope they'll accept this case for you but as I said chances are slim to none bro :C
(Cause as you know if you get unbanned anyone else with the same problem will have to get unbanned)
Anti yes  Member 25 May 20 at 8:12am Edited
+1 maybe give him a 2nd chance but under close surveillance?, it didn't ruin the experience for anyone. at the very least reduce his ban to something thats not perm because this is leaning more towards a mistake rather than hacking

[Image: 77b0b18e08493736a39b5ef74e5f387c.png]
Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 25 May 20 at 9:48am
Neutral, although hacking is bad and it can also help in some scenarios. I believe the fault belongs to the staff member here and that staff member has been dealt with. I have seen and played with you before I know you are a good man but your ban is somewhat justified.
Clash  VIP 25 May 20 at 1:03pm
Neutral because although hacking is strictly not allowed, you did use it to help the server. The admin in question was more of the person who made the mistake but you were still hacking which is breaking the rules. If I was the owner of the server I would have you unbanned, but the rules clearly state no hacking and I don't think you will be unbanned

- slouchmeister guy 
Game Boy  VIP 25 May 20 at 1:12pm
+1 he was sorta baited into doing it and while he was pretty dumb to do it he had no malicious intentions with it and he flat out admitted when he did it. At the very least it should be reduced due to this being more of the staff's incompetence than his.
Soviet  Member 25 May 20 at 1:32pm
+1 he never used it to gain any advantage on other players, he also deleted everything he downloaded when they found the missing hunter.
As much as I dislike these kind of players this is a realy rare exception.
himynameiszdenek  VIP 25 May 20 at 2:03pm
+1 If i get chance to apply for admin again, then you should have chance to get unbanned.

Also staff let players hack for similar situations in the past, but dont tell nobody, shhh.
[VILE]▼Communist Neko▼  VIP 25 May 20 at 2:20pm
I'm neutral because hacking in any way is overall wrong, but it didn't gain you any advantage sooo... Neutral time
GravyBoat  VIP 25 May 20 at 3:21pm
+1 if he was endorsed by staff, i disagree with cheats being on his system in the first place, but he was endorsed and encouraged, and judging by his characters, hes a loyal player to the community
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