Strider Main gun Rework

Pebble Time  Member 15 Dec 19 at 1:11pm
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What is your suggestion?
Rework the Striders main gun similar to the OSS's Cannon function.
TLDR: Lets give the strider's main gun tiny splash damage to compensate for how it works.

The gun as of right now fires somewhat slowly, but it is fine as is.
However due to they way that it functions, the Strider's gun is not hitscan and has significant travel time.
 Often or not the main gun also has sway from the animations from the strider, including the built in inaccuracy from the strider.

The built inaccuracy and the fact that the bullets have travel time on top of the slow firing rate, made using the main gun nearly unviable in most cases except for extremely slow or stationary targets. This leads to the overall spamming and overuse of the orbital cannon from the strider, due to the main gun's tiny margin of error to kill a target.

The strider has difficulty shooting tiny and small moving targets, requiring pin perfect accuracy with a projectile with already built in-accuracy leaving a tiny margin of error.

I would like to reduce the inaccuracy from the strider
I would like to have the main gun have a small blast radius similar to the OSS cannon, which would provide leniency 

In exchange: The strider now has pretty much to follow rocket rules, can only use the warp cannon on a group of 3 or more, vehicles, or Singular EODs or HVYs

How To:
It would be actually be not that hard to implement
[Image: Where_to.JPG]

Reduces the Slight inaccuracy and adds blast damage to the main gun
[Image: AFTER2.JPG]

Rough Outcome:

If you haven't commented or supported please check out the rollermine rework.

How would this benefit the server?
It would make the main gun significantly more viable, with rules in place against the warp cannon it will be more strict.
There will be less Warp cannon spam as the main gun will be used as the primary instead.
Shower  Server Administrator VIP 15 Dec 19 at 1:16pm
+1 yes, the reason everyone spams the warp cannon is because the bullets are useless
Game Boy  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 1:21pm
I like this as the strider's main gun is extremely underutilized.

Although if we implement rocket rules to the warp cannon I think It should get a small damage buff. The damage on it isn't great and won't kill most rebels in one, two, sometimes even three shots unless getting a direct hit which is quite challenging when they're running around like crazy.

TLDR: this is great but buff the damage on the warp cannon a little bit
Zio  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 1:23pm
+1 bassicly what null said
Mr.Grumpy  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 1:27pm
+1 Being Kilo VC4 I agree and support this.
Poison  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 2:39pm
+1 give me that


Anti yes  Member 15 Dec 19 at 3:11pm
+1 Strider main cannon is too unreliable for anything thats 100 meters away

Serry  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 3:33pm
+1 yee boy, when I was a KILO, the striders main gun was so unreliable

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