Suggestion: Reinstate MOTD Rule A17

Bionicle  Member 21 Apr 22 at 9:24pm
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A:Reinstate MOTD Rule A17

How would this benefit the server?
A: Good day to you all. I would like to preface this suggestion by saying that I love CvR, and I love the community. However, there is a plague that is infecting our server and ruining it. This plague is known as chronic unfunny. At times i find myself looking at the chat box of my favourite Garry's Mod server, and just want to end my life due to the massive amounts of unfunny that has ran unchecked in our community. I propose that we reinstate MOTD Rule A17 in order to combat this plague. If an offender is caught being unfunny, they lose access to OOC chat for the day, and if they are a repeat offender, they lose access to OOC chat forever. I think that this change would be a universal good for the sake of our community, and thank you for your interest.

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Sigma  Server Administrator VIP 21 Apr 22 at 9:25pm
+1 simple as
bed crabs  VIP 21 Apr 22 at 9:50pm
(21 Apr 22 at 9:42pm)TheJC Wrote: Not funny.

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yeatlover44  Member 21 Apr 22 at 10:05pm
I propose that this also extends ONLY into combine team chat, because some people, are just absolutely annoying to read and I do not want to do hud_saytexttime 0 so I don't have to read some of the absolute filth that SOME """""people""""" type out onto MY SCREEN. It is comparable to open air ERP that was rampant on this one sandbox server, god that was just terrible.
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 21 Apr 22 at 10:10pm
very funny, had a chuckle

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julie  VIP 21 Apr 22 at 10:13pm
if this rule cannot be implemented perhaps give only jewlinger access to ooc he will make ooc funny again

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Kowalski  Director of Personnel VIP 22 Apr 22 at 5:13am
-1 hard to be funny in this day and age I can’t support such a proposal

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