Sync The Compass On Every Map

The War Machine  VIP 1 Feb 21 at 9:51pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: MPF BALLISTA Veteran SqL War Machine

Discord Username:
A: The War Machine#9972

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:1:103577223

Workshop Link: (If applicable)
A: N/A

What is your suggestion?
A: Sync the compass so it is accurate on every map.

How would this benefit the server?
A: No use in having the compass in our HUD if it doesn't accurately show the direction you're going.
Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 1 Feb 21 at 10:31pm
Neutral, like does anyone even use the compass? Is there really a use for it? Like what you gonna call out an enemy "He is North!" like I just don't see a reason for the compass to still be here but if some people still want it sure, I guess?
Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 1 Feb 21 at 10:32pm
He's north 67 and 5

Nova Prospekt Division Leader
Former Resistance 1stLT
Current Head Gamemaster

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[DEFN] Sentinel  President 1 Feb 21 at 10:33pm Edited
Not feasible, I'd have to edit and rotate every map on its axis (which would mean redoing every spawn, capture point, basically everything based on positioning), not to mention it basically breaks hammer half the time and shit stops working. Locked/Moved.

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