The "Defender Bonus" is too small to do anything.

Sevin  Member 26 Nov 21 at 3:33pm
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What is your suggestion?
A: In update this feature was added:

   -Players now receive a 2000 XP and 10 credit defender bonus every 2 minutes on friendly points

At 10 credits per 2 minutes, and assuming you somehow never leave that point or lose it (which isn't going to happen), you would a whopping 300 credits per hour. This the equivalent of your boss giving you a $0.03 raise. It's irrelevant. If you want this to affect players behavior, you need to increase this bonus by at least ten fold. That would put the rate at 3000 credits per hour which, while still small, is at least considerable.

How would this benefit the server?
A: I don't know what you hope this defender bonus will do, but at 300 credits per hour, it wont be doing any thing.
Bel1ve.  VIP 26 Nov 21 at 3:36pm
Prevents people afk farming on down time.
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 26 Nov 21 at 3:36pm Edited
The point is to reward players for keeping control of Capture Points without destabilizing the economy by letting AFKers gain insane amounts of money.

NOT having the reward is less total XP, Credit, and Material gain than having both the reward and the Capture Point benefits, and the benefits for killing, and the benefits for CRs, ect.

Especially with the update making people holding (ie, staying on) Capture Points essential to maintaining map control, this basically serves as a reminder and reward for doing so, rather than attempting to give defensive gameplay a "profit incentive", which the Logistics Caches already do.
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