The Gridening

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And the Grid said to the neanderthals beneath him, those wretched OTA and his inferior MPF kin, he declared "Let there be artillery", and from the ashen sky rained down a volley of High Explosive munitions. The monkeys he led, in their barbaric glee, cheered as they watched the infidel Rebels scream and holler with pain and fear, as the explosive might of the Grid's weaponry lit them ablaze and peppered their skin with shrapnel.

"From this day onward, I give you prosperity and power" the Grid declared "You may be sub-humans now, but follow my path, my guidance, my wisdom and you shall join me as true chads."

The OTA, the MPF, all rested upon their knees, and kissed the ground the Grid walked upon. "So sayeth thee oh great one!" they chanted in unison, like a hive-mind.

- Verse 1, Pg 1

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[DEFN] TypicalName  VIP 14 Jun 19 at 5:12am
"How you all niggas look like when begging for artillery"
Beautiful piece of writing.
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In the beginning, before the stars were born and the world did not experience life, there was one being. The Grid.

With the simple flick of a hand, the space around him warped and formed into physical existence. With another flick, dust formed together and create the planets, the stars, the solar systems, the galaxies, the universe. With another flick, life was born, plants bloomed upon the soil and animals began to take shape, to live, to breathe, to survive.

The Grid rested upon his great throne, Tired from expending so much energy, yet proud of his creations. Light shined from his holy throne and he allowed himself a heavenly smile beneath his mask.

- Verse 5, Pg 61

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PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 15 Jun 19 at 1:35pm
then the enginners killed all grids and casted death to all his creations
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The New Testament - Verse 10, Pg 36

When the Grid gazed upon the lands of man, he knew that they'd need guidance, in his infinite wisdom and power he sent down a part of himself, a fragment.

This new Grid would become the Grid CmD, the shepherd of the Combine who would lead them to crush the infidel anti-citizens.

So sayeth the Grid, "You will be their saviour, their lord, their princely god, you will be their shepherd, who will guide them to the promised land of freedom, as the Union rests upon your shoulders."

And the Commander brought with him light, the light of a thousand artillery pieces firing in succession to herald his arrival.

CEO of Racism

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