The new vehicle changes that were supposed to make vehicles more "common"

Anti yes  Member 17 Nov 20 at 8:12pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s):
A: OVA KILO TR VC-II 09 7361

Discord Username:
A: Anti #8985

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:178251545

Workshop Link: (If applicable)
A: n/a

What is your suggestion?
A: Reduce the cost of vehicles or up the resource gain since its literally impossible to deploy anything other than a rollermine/manhack without going down to 2k resources or waiting 3 hours for it to go up so you can finally go and spawn as anything.

How would this benefit the server?
A: I don't know if this was just an experimental thing or if its permanent but imo its doing the exact opposite of making vehicles more common, it punishes deploying vehicle since all that grinding to get a vehicle only for it to die in 3-10 minutes. Combine capped half the map and we can barley afford an APC. Even with making the deployment rules less strict that doesnt even matter if we cant even deploy vehicles in the first place

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DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster 17 Nov 20 at 8:19pm
yeah, resources kinda fucked atm just revert the resource changes or follow what this guy said
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