TK line is way to far out for the rebels

Anti yes  Member 23 Sep 19 at 3:05pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: MPF MACE 04 7361, OTA SHIELD 09 0263, RES SNP CPL Spectre, SU SPC Spectre

Discord Username:
A: anti no#9324

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:1:178251545

Explain the bug:
A: The TK line for the rebels extends outside the base to the point i'm more close to the combine base than I am to the rebel base

When did you first start experiencing this bug? (Give best estimated date)
A: Yesterday

[Image: 77b0b18e08493736a39b5ef74e5f387c.png]
Void  VIP 23 Sep 19 at 3:53pm
(23 Sep 19 at 3:48pm)[DEFN] Dreik Wrote: Just like, don’t tk?

You do know most of the time, it's an accident right?
Anti yes  Member 23 Sep 19 at 4:11pm
Because it makes it impossible to play SU

[Image: 77b0b18e08493736a39b5ef74e5f387c.png]
[DEFN] Dreik  VIP 23 Sep 19 at 4:26pm
The combine spawn likes covered like half the train station on the last city map and it never fixed so bruh
Venom  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 2 May 20 at 1:05pm
Old Bug, being moved to Reviewed
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