Totally Legit CvR Moment (Part 1 of ???)

xXmrburnsXx  VIP 26 Mar 20 at 3:57pm
It does the trick. You have to start with cringe ass stories then work your way up to less cringe. Keep it up. Hell look at the first ones I wrote. Yikes.
Monolith  Server Administrator VIP 26 Mar 20 at 5:27pm Edited
(26 Mar 20 at 4:25pm)Combean0007 Wrote: add erp
add lucy
Destitute the :dab:  VIP 26 Mar 20 at 7:25pm

fuckign hell you should've seen the shit i first posted
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 26 Mar 20 at 7:28pm
dude why isnt poison in this what the hell bro not cool what the fuck what the hell and fucking hell bro
himynameiszdenek  Server Moderator VIP 26 Mar 20 at 7:38pm
add Trench and ill change my rating from cool to epic
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