Tweaks to Shops and Armour

Tank  Member 24 Mar 20 at 12:35pm
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A: OTA SHIELD S-II 04 5259 / Trader Tank

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A: N/A

What is your suggestion?
A: 1. Shop items can be sold by the shop owner for 1/4 the base price. Example the Standard Iss. Inf. Helmet costs 1200 credits. Upon abandoning the shop, or implementing a quick Sell button, the Helmet will be sold for 300 credits.

2. Make it so Armour (not guns) will be lost if durability reaches 0% and make it so amour has a max repair time. Example 2-4 times.

3.1 Each Repair Kit only works on its colour represented Armour. Example Battle Red. Rep. Kit (blue color) will only work on SpecOps Armour(blue colour) and so on.

3.2 Lower all Repair Kits to only 2-4 repair times but keep rarity.

How would this benefit the server?
A: I know development is working on changes and i wanted to give ideas for possible tweaks from my experience with the update. We need a way so Armour and repair Kits can exit the inventory of people. These tweaks will incentivize players to come back to the shops to buy stuff and not only the first week of the update and the occasional Repair Kit after that. First day of the update was a blast everyone needed Gear and today there were 60/75 people online in my time zone and only 2 Shops(one was mine).

1. Its a pain when you have 10 Standard pieces or lesser gear and have to abandon your shop, because everyone has the gear already or doesnt want it.
Or you get kicked for LUA errors or server crash smh.

2. This way people have to come back to buy Armours even after the first week. This is a item sink in mmo terms. 

3.1 We already have colours why not use em they even fit with the rarity of their gear. This way people will buy all repair kits not just Premium.

3.2 Because repair kits work with specific gear they shouldnt have 6-10 repair times. And it makes it so you have to go buy new kits every 2 or 3 days.

Disclaimer 1: Guns should be repairable by any kit (or only by standard which sounds good but im not officially suggesting it) and should NOT be lost if they reach 0% imo.

Disclaimer 2: Prices will have to be adjusted if such changes get accepted (lowered for Repair Kits basically).

Disclaimer 3: It takes 5 minutes to buy all armour and repair kits from the shops. Even if you dont enjoy the shops but want the gear 5 minutes every other day isnt much(thats if you play everyday for hours).
Juan  Member 24 Mar 20 at 12:54pm
+1 on the first suggestion, -1 on the rest
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