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[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 20 Nov 19 at 12:06pm
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What is your suggestion: 
(I am unsure if this post would better fit in General Discussion, but this is a suggestion.)
Bit o' backstory here.

So I have played the server for a good while, and as someone who plays on both Combine and Rebels, I am acutely interested in balanced -or at least fair- gameplay. Since the LVet Fighter Rework I have noticed that RES forces have been pretty consistently pushed up to points F, E, D and even up to C. 

Let me also state clearly: I am not suggesting that LVet Fighter be restored to its previous form. I believe it is fine the way it is. 

Personally, I think that some class(es?) on the combine side need a buff. Maybe this inconsistency with the classes is just Rebels being more skilled, but I highly doubt it. I don't know which classes I would suggest need a buff. Maybe Ballista, or GRID (Class Bias Class Bias), or even introducing a new class. Either way, Rebels are currently not only beating the Combine, but absolutely crushing it, even when they are outnumbered, and the only thing that really changed in that time was the LVet update.

As to a new class for combine, i'd suggest something for OTA that has:

125 HP, 125 AP
<Pistol such as Deagle or some kind of powerful revolver>
Ability to Deploy Hopper Landmines
Gravity Gun (With the ability to rehack hacked Rollermines)
Ability to Deploy Combine Turrets
Ability to /plantbomb

This creates a unique class that can deal with specialized situations, and works very well with GRID (Class Bias Class Bias). 
There would need to be a menu or tool that allows the player to spawn the entities in order to deal with the issue of spam (Limiting number on the field), and well as actually deploying the stuff. 
The Hoppers would deal their normal damage (Would be enough to kill 100/100 classes on direct impact, while allowing classes such as HECU to survive. The Hoppers would not trigger on teammates (Might need custom hoppers, or it might be possible to modify the behavior of the mine in order to prevent it from launching based on team).

Rules would be not to deploy them inside buildings or near spawn areas (Particularly Civie/Anarchist), and not to spam them.

Combine turrets would be similar to the ones seen in HL2, except with limited range, an actual Health pool, and they despawn after 15 seconds or so post destruction. 
As opposed to this, /plantbomb would allow the class to destroy ENG props without needing rockets or a flamethrower after Combine have pushed past a location.

Claymore Roomba.

Duck around and find out.
Zio  VIP 20 Nov 19 at 12:08pm
Buddy, on earlier maps rebels were getting fucked, just because now they are doing good it doesnt mean they will always do
Valenberg  VIP 20 Nov 19 at 12:10pm
i dont see how this balances anything
Zio  VIP 20 Nov 19 at 12:11pm
(20 Nov 19 at 12:10pm)Valenberg Wrote: i dont see how this balances anything

Yeh because it kinda doesnt, from my point it makes it more unballanced
Bel1ve.  VIP 20 Nov 19 at 12:16pm
I dont know what I should react with honestly.

Mh O I guess I do now.
You might wanna think more about an in depth explanation before you suggest a whole new class for combine.
forming counter arguments within the suggestion cause at this point it just looks like the previous OTA PHM Reinstating suggestion.

Cause I don't see how this would fit within any of the divisions at the moment like really grid can just have the building shit lmao.
I won't deny that maybe reinstating another class will do good for the combine, but your suggestion is way too weak for me to even support it.
:l - sorry
#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 20 Nov 19 at 12:19pm
This is too much and the reason for combine getting fucked is due their own fault (mainly seeming to just have MPF as the main fighting force)
Ballista is HVY, exact same stats barely different LMG
OTA doesnt need a temporary div to fight off hard attacks, OSS exists but you might say they barely get on, that's combines fault for not picking new or active OSS
Hydroid Prime  Member 20 Nov 19 at 12:35pm
This is not the way to solve the issue. There are a couple factors that go into this that you aren't taking into account.

For example, the map balance. The map doesn't really have an even layout, so it's inevitable that one faction will do better than the other even if both sides have the same amount of players that are all equally skilled.
Void  VIP 20 Nov 19 at 12:52pm
-1 class suggestion
The devs are never implementing grenades, landmines, or turrets

+1 buffing existing classes
DesiNR_M  Member 20 Nov 19 at 1:44pm Edited
+1 Some classes need a buff because they are weak for combine.
Raven.  Server Administrator VIP 20 Nov 19 at 1:46pm
Both faction leaders are trying to make classes equivalent to eachother. LVET Fighter being the way it is now, was one step closer to that. Adding a new combine class that rebel doesn't have just defeats that point. And as a reminder, OTA's rebel equivalent is supposed to be LVET. Adding in an OTA class would mean that there would have to be an LVET class aswell.
This suggestion doesn't really make sense, although I just think you aren't notified of the intentions of Phoenix & (dead) Zigzag.
The map is working the way it's supposed to be (Stated by sentinel) his goal was to bring the fight to E, D and F. Which it is.

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