Unban Appeal

Giza  Member 10 Feb 20 at 4:49pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): CP HELIX 06 (don't remember the number i'm sorry)

Discord Username: Giza#8568

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:125826335

Who banned you? DvL Crusader
Date of Ban: June 2019

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Reason: ddos threat

Why should you be unbanned? Ok so i know that a DDos threat is no joke, it's a criminal offense.
 As i was healing my teammates i thought to myself: "I'm doing a really good job at helping my team and keeping them constantly alive". I don't know, i got kinda edgy there and just to threw a joke in there and said "If i don't get a promotion at DB after all of this, imma ddos this bih". Still, it isn't very funny when you're an admin to read such things, knowing what people are capable of on the internet. I really liked playing on CvR and was a pretty "high" rank, at least it was for me. Invited a friend of mine over too, and we genuinely liked to play on the server. I'm not sure if i should get a second chance, I didn't read all the rules (I found out later that it was explicitly written on the Official DEFINITIVE NETWORKS' Discord) so in the end it's all my fault. I've learnt my lesson and would love tto play on CvR once again, without these types of mistakes.

Bel1ve.  Member 10 Feb 20 at 4:55pm
Neutral read rules maybe (laws aswell) to prevent this from even happening ?
Giza  Member 10 Feb 20 at 4:58pm
Yes, I admitted the mistake. As I said i didn't find it anywhere written explicitly on other Rule pages apart from the Definitive Networks one (wich I didn't read at the time)
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 10 Feb 20 at 5:20pm
-1 bro no


♛ DIO ♛  Server Administrator VIP 11 Feb 20 at 4:38pm
+1 It wasn't really on purpose from what I see,I think he can be given a chance. Also always read the rules of a server before starting playing.
Saladin  VIP 11 Feb 20 at 5:57pm
+1 give him another shot. It was edgy and retarded, but he has the self awareness to understand that and he seems to have learned.
Giza  Member 13 Feb 20 at 1:08pm
Thanks for the advice, will do.
Nevada  VIP 13 Feb 20 at 2:28pm
+1 never do this dumbass shit again
[DEFN] Brand  Head Administrator VIP 13 Feb 20 at 6:57pm
Appeal accepted.

Don't do this again.
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