unfair ban

_DioBrando_  Member 26 Sep 21 at 1:21pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): _DioBrando_ (RU SGT _DioBrando_ RES PVT P-J _DioBrando_ OTA RANGER 09 6721 NPU JURY 07 6721)

Discord Username: _DioBrando_#6721

Steam IDSTEAM_0:1:517163225

Who warned/banned you? alma armas

Date of Warn/Ban: 26/09/2021 19:09 CEST +1 (ita)

Ban Length: 6 week 

Warn/Ban Reason:Mass RDM

Why should we remove warn/ban? i didn't do RDM i now explain my history version: i ended to training a recruit (RES WB PVT Reaper) leater 5 minutes i switch has RES WB PVT P-J (the time of fill the log) and i found him in the base and i told him go deploy if you want you are free to go and he killed me with a crowbar when i come back i hurt him 1 TIME with the crowbar and told him don't rdm people and he killed me again when i respawned a third time so i was enough and i killed him leater a hecu (anthony) come to kill me leater i respawn i tell him he started and he killed me without reason again with shotgun so i respawned i killed him another rebel (beens i think he called) and he shoot me and for self defense i killed him) if there rdm from me is only for self defense the only rdm i did is accidentaly cuz i was killing a person is disturbing the training of cuzzman so for crossfire i killed him leater a mace come kill a tech i was killing mace reaper come again and kill me for save the mace i kill him again and i deploy leater a gamemaster (plume) tp me to him i explain everything he said i check logs leater i tp you back i was going to eat so afk as dead and when i come back i found a ban of 6 week and i asked the man banned me the reason he told me i was afk so he cannot tp me and then banned me without ask explains and anything else.

Evidence/Other: i have no evidence 

ask me if you want know something else
Alma Armas  Server Administrator VIP 26 Sep 21 at 1:44pm Edited
I've explained myself to you in discord aswell when you asked but every single people excluding the people who killed you have said you RDMed them. Death Positions honestly back this up too.

You have killed a total of 14 people.

I'm sorry bro but like... Damn.

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ClapFlap  VIP 27 Sep 21 at 12:53pm
There was also one time that he went into spawn borders as jury/being toxic about it, but i do not have any evidence.
Robotic Wizard  Member 27 Sep 21 at 1:49pm Edited
weren't you the funny guy who ignored base borders as well though?
ClapFlap  VIP 27 Sep 21 at 2:20pm
wha, ive unironically never done that
Bore/Sev  Head Administrator VIP 27 Sep 21 at 8:24pm Edited

Even if you are RDMed, Revenge RDM is never ok, and will still carry the same weight.

For everyone else reading this, reminder that unless you have something relevant/important to say for the case, please refrain on committing.

Thread Locked and Moved

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