V.I.P refunding

Assassin{G.E.W.P}  Member 10 Sep 20 at 6:07pm
Is it possible to refund my VIP that i bought yestarday ?
i dont really enjoy the package
nor its was as amazing as i thought and i would like to refund it even if i will get only 50% of my payment
Bel1ve.  VIP 10 Sep 20 at 6:12pm
Idk about this one chief
Kenny McCormick  VIP 10 Sep 20 at 6:14pm
no, soz mate

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Poison  VIP 10 Sep 20 at 6:25pm
nope rip

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Nekso  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 10 Sep 20 at 6:29pm

"If any rank, perks, rewards or any other benefits received are lost due to technical issues, you must provide evidence of an apparent attempt to contact us (Somebody of Community Assistant, Community Leader, or Owner status) within a week of the issue occurring. If we do not resolve the technical issue within seven days of it being clearly brought to our attention, you are eligible for a full refund. Under no other circumstances can we offer you a refund."

This is really up to Sentinel but I kinda doubt
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