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[DEFN] Venom  VIP 16 Jan 21 at 10:01am Edited
List all RP Character names:

Rebel: H.E.C.U FH SPC Venom, E9 Engineer Venom.
Combine: OTA SWORD TR 07 6916.

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag:

Romania, GMT.

List all (if any) previous punishments (Warns/Bans):
Metagame, LTAP, Lying To Staff 

What is your reason(s) for applying for Gamemaster?:
I have wanted to join GM for a long time now. I always enjoyed helping other GMs with setting up events it seems like a fun thing to do. I want to bring life to the server during the low population hours so players can enjoy the server and be entertained while more players get on or just simply have fun.

Have you ever been Event Staff or something similar before? If so, list your previous positions:
AdverseNetworks CvR-Server Manager
AdverseNetworks Darkrp-Senior Admin

Describe how you react to negative feedback, from constructive criticism to borderline harassment:
I would say I take criticism pretty well. I've been on the internet for long enough and it barely affects me. But, in general, if it's constructive and teaches me something I'll be thankful for it. But if it's just insulting then, I'll just ignore it. And if it goes to a point where he spams me, I'll just block him.

While planning a server-wide Event you realized that it would make hosting it much easier if you had another Gamemaster assisting you, and manage to get someone to help. Unfortunately 5 minutes before the Event is scheduled to begin, they messaged you and said they would be absent. How do you proceed?:
I would first look at the Event queue and check if I can delay it long enough for a GM to get on and help me.
If there isn't any available GM I would simply cancel the event and tell the SGMs about it. 

While planning an Event, you decide to test some of the tools you think would be helpful. You go to the admin room, and start to experiment. Unfortunately, while testing with some NPCs the server crashed. How do you react?:
I would instantly contact the higher management about the crash. I would tell them which NPC I used so they can fix the problem easily. I would also give them the console errors if there was any. 

An NCO has finished training a Recruit, but there are no COs or Staff online to provide the whitelist. What do you do?:
As a GM it's not your job to whitelist people. So I wouldn't do it. But since I'm staff I would respond to the ticket.

While hosting a server-wide Event you have implemented a RP section where players can interact with a computer in order to open a door. Unexpectedly, a CO decides that they would rather that door stay closed (Presumably so that the other side cannot continue), and orders that the computer be destroyed. Given that the door is essential to progressing your event, how do you react?:
I would not interfere instead I would improvise something so the RP doesn't get ruined and the event doesn't become chaos.
I would not punish the CO since that could cause even more chaos in the event. 

While hosting a server-wide Event, a CmD/MAJ decides that they dislike it, and begin to openly attempt to get players to refuse to participate. This reaches the point that there are almost no players participating on one side. How do you resolve the situation?
I would make a ticket and mute him and try to encourage players to join the event. After the event is done I would make a complaint to their higher-ups.

After hosting a server-wide Event, you are in the middle of a post-event Debrief when the COs present tell you to stop hosting your DB so they can host theirs. How do you react?:
I would tell him to be patient and it won't take long and they can host their DB after I'm done. If he tries to disrupt the DB I would get staff to mute/gag.

What permissions do Gamemasters have, both inside and outside of Events?:
Inside of events, GMs have full authority and they can do pretty much anything that doesn't crash/lag the server. Starting from Headcrab canisters to Rocket Trucks.

Outside of Events, GMs can take tickets such as Spawning Car, Rolling for Grid/Engi bay, Crafting.

While preparing to host an Event, you notice that there are 3 vehicles deployed, and that the server is lagging a bit because of that. What do you do?
I would delay the event so the server experience doesn't go down. Once things calmed down a bit I would host the event. If needed cancel it.

Describe your design process of Events prior to queuing them.
-Checking Player Count.
-Look for a suitable area

-Creating the event phases
-Consolidate restrictions of my placed event
-Select Time of the event
- Queue up with other GMs.

Create three Event ideas and describe them below. Be as detailed as you feel necessary. Originality is appreciated, and a lack of details will be penalized.

Scrap Hunt

Various props would be scattered around the map colored Brown posing as scrap. The prop could be anything iron rod, gears, tubes. These items will have a different scrap value. The values will be displayed at the shop. Iron rod 300 scraps, tubes 450, gears 500, and so on. Once you collected enough scrap you could buy yourself weapons, items, utilities. The prices may vary around the rarity of the Item.

Combine Malfunction

A Combine HeadCrab launch site has malfunctioned and it's sending Canisters at random locations on the map. These Canisters have all sorts of type of headcrabs in them. Each canister has 6-12 headcrabs in them depending on the player count on the server. This chaos can be stopped by shutting down the system at the launch site. Any Engineer/Grid could do this task but reaching the core is a hard task since hordes of zombies have escaped containment and the launch site is full of zombies. If the faction manages to fight off the zombies an Engi/Grid will have to roll against a GM. If they succeed they could launch 2-4 canisters on a selected point. These canisters can be also scrapped by a CWU/Grid/Engi for resources.

Unsuspected Arrival

Earthquakes struck the land and awaking the mysterious creatures in the underground tunnels. These creatures entered the surface with rage killing anyone on sight. This event will be at a Closed location. Anyone who wants to participate will be given gear to fight these monsters. The monsters consist of Guards, Workers, and the Queen. The participants will have to work together in order to survive. If they manage to fight off all the guards and workers the Queen will appear. If they kill the queen any remaining worker, guard will die. Rewards will be a weapon of choice or a Utility.

How often do you think GMs should host events?
GameMaster should host an Event twice a week.

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak Staff or Gamemaster information, I will not abuse my powers, and I will not break the Gamemaster rules. Additionally, I will add [DEFN] to my Steam name. 
Yes, I understand.

Do you understand the basics of using ULX? List what you know.
Yes, I understand.

Personnel Lieutenant
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 16 Jan 21 at 10:09am
+1 Application has good event ideas and answers, alongside this from my experience Venom is generally mature and fun to play with, I think he'd make a really good GM
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caiokkkkk  Senior Server Administrator VIP 16 Jan 21 at 10:12am
+1 the app is very well written and the event ideas are pretty good

Honorary GRID Caiok
SU 2LT Caiok
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ZivgZag  Member 16 Jan 21 at 12:37pm
Venom is a hella good dude, I think he would be an awesome gamemaster
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Echos  Server Administrator Trial Gamemaster VIP 16 Jan 21 at 1:12pm
+1, answers are great including the events, and Venom is also cool Confusedunglasses:

Former Technician CO
RF Squad CO
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Micdon  VIP 16 Jan 21 at 6:33pm
+1 because venom forced me, no more because he is a great helper and has the incentive to become a great gamemaster.
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Mapley  Server Administrator VIP 17 Jan 21 at 12:50am
+1 Venom is a cool man and very active as well as his event ideas are pretty good, good luck on gm! Big Grin
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Ducks  Member 17 Jan 21 at 2:21pm
+1 rofl pogger he going cvr avatar the master of all three powers
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AlexMagus  Affairs Counselor VIP 18 Jan 21 at 10:26am
+1 venomi is venom very good staff very good i think he should be good event staff,...
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Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 20 Jan 21 at 5:19pm
Event concepts and answers are great, nothing more to say.

Nova Prospekt Division Leader
Former Resistance 1stLT
Current Head Gamemaster

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