Vix's Staff Application

Vix  VIP 30 Jan 20 at 6:39pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): C1 Sr. Technician Specialist Vix l MPF MACE TR 08 2221 l LVET Corpsman FH PVT WaffleEnthusiast l MPF UNION 08 2655

Discord Username: Vicepresidentbleach#3465

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:74408110

What region/timezone are you located in?: EST

Do you have a microphone?: No

Previous Warns?: None

Previous Bans?: None

Why do you want to be part of the staff team?

I would like to be a part of the DEFN Staff Team as I really enjoy the server, and I feel like I could help the staff team and players in general have a better experience so they also enjoy the server. At times there have been no staff for sits of RDM or FailRP, and people have complained. I would like to help out personally by getting rid of people minging at times where no other staff have been on to deal with it. I have been on the server for a while and the other staff members have been very kind to me, and I would like to help them out as well, along with the entire DEFN community. In my opinion, the more staff on, the faster it will be for players to recieve what they need, in turn making their experience on CvR better, which brings them back.

Why should you be accepted on the staff team?:
I should be accepted into the staff team because I have previous experience on multiple other servers with ULX commands and being staff in general. Some servers I have been staff on include GamingLight, CPG WW2, NPG Walking Dead and SketchyRP ( NPG, CPG and SketchyRP have shut down.) I am active nearly everyday and I feel I have a good understanding of all of the rules. I can handle drama decently well and I want to be able to help the community in whatever way I can for the great times its given me.

Do you understand that you must change your Steam name to "[DEFN] (Username)" upon getting accepted?: Yes

Any staff who can vouch for you?: Dodgy, Vad, Daniel and Ace (Yeetus)

An MPF Union kills a Civilian but you don't know the reasoning behind the killing.
What do you do?:

If the Civillian claims RDM, bring them to a sit. Kindly remind the Union (or educate them) that killing civillians who are not posing a threat, (gun out etc), are not KOS and cannot be killed. If in this situation, it was a misunderstanding, and the Union fired on accident or on reflex, I would provide a verbal warning, and send them both back. If the Union has been intentionally killing civillians despite being warned by the civillians and other players, I would give him a warn or a varying punishment for RDM depending on how many civillians he has killed.

An H.E.C.U. Soldier enters the Combine base to "RP defect".
How do you proceed as a staff member?:

Assuming this player being in an advanced division is knowledgeable, I would warn them for FAILRP and remind them that RP Defection is not allowed on CvR. If they insist they want to be combine, remind them they can join combine by becoming a recruit and being trained. If he is a high ranking HECU I would also contact his CO's for this behavior.

You find a SU/MACE CO infiltrating without notifying their team in chat. You bring them into a sit to talk to them about breaking the rules. In this sit the CO threatens to demote your RP character if you don't let them go.
How do you handle this?:

Continue with the sit, and remind them that this situation is OOC. If they continue to be disrespectful, warn them or gag/mute them. Give them a normal punishment that they deserve despite of their rude behavior and their funny and childish reaction to the situation. I would also contact their higher-ups about how they were rude during a sit and tried to use IC methods in an OOC situation for leverage.

A group of players comes onto the server and threatens to DDOS or raid it.
What do you think you should do?:

Permanently ban immediately, or get them banned ASAP. Joking about DDOSing, Doxing, or Hacking especially in groups isn't really very funny. There is no point in taking the risk and letting them stay, especially with a threat against the server. Also contact a higher admin (HA or Sentinel)

You see a high ranking staff member doing something questionable, but you don't know if it is allowed.
What do you do?:

Take a pre-emptive recording or a screenshot just in case. Ask a Higher-up staff member about it. If they give a response that what they are doing is not allowed, send the evidence to a higher ranking staff member.
Cylean  30 Jan 20 at 7:38pm
Regarding the DDOS attack/threat, you're supposed to message an HA or SA if you REALLY need to.
Everything else was ok, you are a nice person to talk to as well so uh, good work Vix!

well yeah wayne that's what I'm saying lol.
Baby Ducks  Member 31 Jan 20 at 12:38am
+1 he is a really nice guy and he knows what he’s doing
Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 31 Jan 20 at 12:49am

DDOS threats are not tolerated in any way shape or form.
Contacting HA / SA is pretty much mandatory because of the permaban option being up in the ranks for obvious reasons.

+1 amazing app

[Image: caption-5-2.gif] 
Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 31 Jan 20 at 1:26am
+1 good app vouching for you looks like I did the right thing. Make me proud soon.
cap'n blueberry  Member 31 Jan 20 at 8:34am
This guy is probably the nicest person in this community and this is quite a nice app

likes this post
Kowalski  VIP 31 Jan 20 at 9:42pm
+1 A really good and dedicated member of the resistance, I trust he has what it takes.


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Poison  VIP 31 Jan 20 at 9:43pm Edited
(31 Jan 20 at 9:42pm)SpicyDoritos1 Wrote: +1 A really good and dedicated member of the resistance, I trust he has what it takes.

uh that doesn't apply to staff applications.

+1 vix is a good guy

"You can't change whats done, you can only move on."
~Arthur Morgan, The Legend of the East.

Kowalski  VIP 1 Feb 20 at 4:05pm
(31 Jan 20 at 9:43pm)Poison Wrote:
(31 Jan 20 at 9:42pm)SpicyDoritos1 Wrote: +1 A really good and dedicated member of the resistance, I trust he has what it takes.

uh that doesn't apply to staff applications.

+1 vix is a good guy

I said resistance, should have said community but i'm fucking retarded :/


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Dodgy  VIP 4 Feb 20 at 1:41pm
+1 Great player, excellent activity, and a decent application. A tip on formatting, make sure your answers are visually distinct from the questions. Other than that, I think you’d make a great member of the staff team.
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