Warn Request on Shower and breaking rules as an Admin

Boo  VIP 29 Oct 20 at 10:01pm
why do people care about this
lemons taste like limes  VIP 29 Oct 20 at 10:36pm
-1 wahhhhh i got TKed wahhhhhhhh, combine could have been around the corner and he may have forgot to put a sup on

SENTRY Officer

I am not MP lemons
Poison  VIP 29 Oct 20 at 10:56pm
there was zero reason for shower to kill there, that is RDM and thus deserves a warn, it wasnt an accident like 99% of other cases it was intentional.
Serry  VIP 29 Oct 20 at 11:22pm
People making fun of this because it was just "1 TK" is literally the reason why Rules are not being taken seriously

No reason for Shower to just shoot him, he just blew his own cover and as stated it cant even be self defense since he doesnt take teamdamage.
Also he could have apologized for it. Or maybe he did and Steffan didn't provide that response from him.

Kenny McCormick  VIP 30 Oct 20 at 12:32am
Recinding my previous reply.

Neutral. If it happened to me, I wouldn't care. However rules are rules and this person made a valid report.

love me some lore
former hgm, npu dvl (sentry), lvet co, clown
i dont remember a ton from here ngl
Angry Putin  VIP 30 Oct 20 at 1:22am

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