Weapon theme overhaul

[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 18 Jan 21 at 5:20am Edited
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A: T9 Tech Aide Zenard, SU CLOAKER R-T SGM Ledlok, LT MPF MACE 02 2973, NPU RIOT 09 0013

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A: Aithaed#4321

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A: N/A

What is your suggestion?
A: Overhaul the weapons pack to better thematically differentiate the differences between the weapons the Combine use, and the ones the Rebels use.

This is primarily directed towards Class-Specific weapons (Ex. the M240 (SHIELD), WA2000 (CROSS), RPD (LVet Commando), and M1987 (Scav)), however, with the upcoming v2.2 and v2.3 updates (Viewable on the Trello), there may be enough additional content for this policy to be extended and expanded upon to Faction specific inventory weapons (Which are not to my knowledge planned, and would be an entirely different suggestion)

Combine weapons would attain a more futuristic feeling in line with weapons such as the AR2 (nothing like the Apex pack), and perhaps utilize their signature pulse-based projectile, while Rebel weaponry would become rusted or otherwise appear scavenged, or textured to a similar theme.

To note, the base suggestion here does not suggest changing the stats or overall effectiveness of any involved weapons.

How would this benefit the server?
A: HA yes, Roleplay.

Thematically, CvR is a HL2 MilitaryRP TDM server. Even with the lack of RP beyond extraordinarily vague ideas of "The Combine are fighting The Rebels", which is an issue partly prevalent in the community, and partly prevalent in the lack of defining characteristics between the Factions, this works towards resolving some of those issues.

Even simply having said thematic differences would not only help separate the Factions themselves, but would also provide those classes that were once carbon copies between the Factions with significant differentiation between their weapons, and the weapons of many other classes, even possibly going so far as to make those classes-of-choice simply due to the feel of their weapon.

Even lacking any changes to weapon stats, I am of the opinion that CvR does need more attention given to it thematically, as that and the feelings associated with it are really what defines a server. People really do judge on looks.

Awaiting the apocalypse.
[DEFN] Strelitzia  Head Administrator VIP 18 Jan 21 at 5:30am
+1 super cool idea. would create gun variety and could possibly spark a lot of ideas between both sides
consul.  Member 18 Jan 21 at 5:48am
+1 what meth addict anime girl said
SSteffan  VIP 18 Jan 21 at 6:00am
+1 this man right here is the HGM someone who knows his shit and i think this suggestion would be a very big step in the right direction for the future of CvR
Niko_  VIP 18 Jan 21 at 6:22am
+1 some more differences to separate combine and rebels cosmetically would be cool
TheJC  Developer VIP 18 Jan 21 at 10:56am
-1 sounds like it'd double the content size of our weapon pack, + you didn't mention how shop weapons fit in this.
Schizm  VIP 18 Jan 21 at 11:05am
+1 seems like a cool idea for both sides


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Brennen  Trial Gamemaster 18 Jan 21 at 11:07am
+1, its good idea
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