weapon vouchers no worky on anarchist

bad rats fan 69  Member 29 Dec 21 at 6:02pm
FULL RP Name(s):
SU PFC Anus Presley
MPF UNION Z5 07 80085
OTA SWORD 09 013370

Discord Username:
corn dog#9962

Steam ID:

Explain the bug:
when anarchists use a weapon voucher, it gets consumed but they get nothing. 

When did you first start experiencing this bug? (Give best estimated date)
like 5 minutes ago lol
#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 29 Dec 21 at 6:03pm Edited
This was done on purpose

Anarchists/civilians get nothing from it
bad rats fan 69  Member 29 Dec 21 at 6:12pm
is it supposed to be consumed? b/c thats cap i spent a token on that Sad
TheJC  VIP 29 Dec 21 at 6:28pm
Yeah its supposed to be consumed
BritishBarry  VIP 29 Dec 21 at 6:49pm
Yeah, anarchs, civs and vorts can't get anything from the weapon tokens
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