What's your favourite colour?

DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster VIP 12 May 20 at 8:18am
t r a n s p a r e n t
Zion  Member 12 May 20 at 10:16am
Game Boy  VIP 12 May 20 at 11:31am
(12 May 20 at 10:16am)Zion Wrote: Perrywinkle

Fuck out of here "perrywinkle"

Nobody likes perrywinkle
Atlas  Director of Infrastructure VIP 12 May 20 at 3:37pm
i kinda like coral something about it is just nice to look at for me
Soviet  Member 23 May 20 at 1:37pm
Hey brother so I have been with CvR for a year now and have always wanted to be a EOWA I am being considered to be a OSS and if I become a OSS I would trade it in for EOWA I have been wanting to be a EOWA for about a year now I have been practicing my sniping skills and I am very good at it. I have been practicing with my PVP and everything because EOWA has to be good at sniping I am very experienced with CvR I am very nice and not a salty guy I would love if you would think about this this would make my dream come true.and like I said I have been practicing for about a year now so if you could please think about this that would be great thank you for your time.i know all the general rules about deploying and everything as well.i am also very active a day I do have football practice but that dose not get in the way I finish from school go to football practice and go home and play so I am active everyday unless I have to do stuff with my family.if you do accept me in I will make sure I don’t abuse EOWA like a idiot.
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