Who the fuck is fel

[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 9 Feb 20 at 4:13pm
Who the fuck is fel

[Image: 2LaaHd6.gif]ex. KILO CmD -  ex. MP Major

"Don't do 100% Silicone, do umm latex"


You probably know me 
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PyroShark  Member 9 Feb 20 at 4:14pm
Nekso  Trial-Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 9 Feb 20 at 5:13pm
Sakura stoopid
Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator Server Moderator VIP 9 Feb 20 at 6:19pm
they fel and hit their head

poggers gottem
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 9 Feb 20 at 8:10pm
who in the hell is this FELla?
Nevada  VIP 10 Feb 20 at 12:59am
Who tf is Fel? Why doesn't Fel tell us who they are?
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