Wipe the UNION 09 names every once in a while

Game Boy  VIP 21 Jul 21 at 6:01pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: OVA DvL Null, OSS PRAETOR WARCRIME, T7 Tech Vert Wheeler

Discord Username:
A: Null#6942

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:1:51262749

What is your suggestion?
Reset all the Union 09 RPnames (not including squads) to their default, letting free the unused numbers for future RCTs every certain time:
The reason i request this is because, as we know, the newcomers to the UU and people CKed become Union 09s, most of them never come back to the server, and that makes a problem that  causes a saturation of inactive nicknames on the most required part of the combine. I focus only on the combine because it only has 10k possible numbers in that matter, and it seems we  are running out of them.
I know this will involve some chaos on the first days after the reset, a lot of people will change numbers to some they hadn't for sure, but in the long run it should do no damage. This also shouldn't allow rankskipping, since the 08+ unions, MPF squad members and people from other divisions/subdivisions should not be affected.

To help fix this, i made some search on the documentation of the DarkRP github, and found a command called "/freeRPname", i made a simple script with this command on python:

    [Image: WSVSc24.png]

 If something similar could be adapted to the console, the problem should be solved.

How would this benefit the server?
A: It could be a lot more easy for the people to become union 09 to whatever reason, or to get a number that isnt occupied by inactive people already, this will help people like newcomers, CKed people or 2nd characters, and avoid a possible collapse of the MPF Union nickname capacity.
Valiant  VIP 21 Jul 21 at 6:27pm
I'm pretty sure like 99% of the taken UNION names don't even play CvR anymore, don't see the harm in doing an occasional name wipe
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 21 Jul 21 at 6:34pm Edited
The database is too large for just the UNION 09 names to be wiped out without serious risk of corrupting everything, and simply deleting all of the names would create some ability to impersonate others, though many people manage to do it anyways. Tbh, I think it'd make more sense for names to be automatically generated, applied and remembered based on SteamID when you join a class instead of requiring manually switching though /name (Except Civ ofc).

Unless Null's command works, in which case that's be pretty pog.
TheJC  VIP 21 Jul 21 at 6:37pm
That command should work if /freerpname is a real thing, which I assume it is
ozz12231  Certified Gamemaster VIP 21 Jul 21 at 6:41pm
As an NCO who train rcts it can be a pain in the ass to wait for them to chnage there name for me and them because also of them already taken and we have to make some funky stuff like MPF UnIoN O9 #### to actually work it annoys everyone involved very pog idea if it works
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Rataca  22 Jul 21 at 4:18am
Counter proposal, allow us to be a letter prefix before the numbers. If wipes cant be done. You can only have 9999 combinations of name, a letter prefix will increse the amount.
BOT Pieswick  VIP 22 Jul 21 at 12:41pm
Changing the whole union structure for just a wipe issue seems a tad bit major

[Image: tfYXj5W.jpg]
doggod  Member 22 Jul 21 at 1:00pm
+1 if its possible without risking too much, as ozz said sometimes it can take a while for the recruits to change their names because they get confused as to why the numbers they wanna use arent working

CROSS 01 doggod
The War Machine  VIP 22 Jul 21 at 3:25pm
(21 Jul 21 at 6:34pm)[DEFN] Aithead Wrote: Tbh, I think it'd make more sense for names to be automatically generated, applied and remembered based on SteamID when you join a class instead of requiring manually switching though /name (Except Civ ofc).

I'm confused by what you're saying here. Are you saying that everyone, including COs, should have a randomly generated name and then have it saved?
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