Wipe the UNION 09 names every once in a while

[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 28 Jul 21 at 2:24am Edited
Good to know, with the several hundred players who are actually active and the 70 max that can get on the server at one time, i dunno if the performance impact would be that massive after the restart occurred a few times, but I definitely know that with the /freerpname command to revert any impersonation and wiping the database as a whole, then implementing Fasko's program (assuming it works) would be better than having the sheer number of taken RP names just laying around entirely unused. The server's been up for 3.5 years iirc so that's a pretty damn good run time to not have wiped stuff out in, not to mention that any impersonation of current people can be -as mentioned- fixed without consequence.
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