Wizz's Staff Application (Number Two)

Robert  VIP 29 Jan 21 at 2:34am Edited
FULL RP Name(s): C2 Engineering Director Bob, LVET FH COMMANDO PVT Gordon Freeman, OVA FOXTROT AC-II 07 0069

What is your current IG level? 85 I believe.

Discord Username: Wizz#9273

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82386979

What region/timezone are you located in? EST

Do you have a microphone? Yes.

Previous Warns? None.

Previous Bans? None.

Why do you want to be part of the staff team? Must be at least 3 sentences.
I would like to be apart of the staff team to help out the server. The staff team is an essential part of the server so it isn't chaotic, and help out players. It was a mistake to resign from the staff team, and frankly I would like to do more to help out. Also, I generally look for more stuff to do, and I am a pretty active player. I am also a friendly guy and know when to take situations seriously. I just want to help out the server again as sometimes I see lack of staff online. I want to change that.

Why should you be accepted on the staff team? Must be at least 3 sentences.
I believe I should be accepted to the staff team since I am a very active player, a caring and helping person as well. I would love to help out the server and its players. The staff team is an essential part as I said before, and I believe I can keep its reputation going. I was also an ex-moderator for the staff team, so I know the ropes. I know most of the ULX commands from my previous experience, and I know how banning , warning and kicking works as well. I also see some staff not taking tickets so I would like to change that, as it is important to help the players. I know most of / all of the rules but if I get accepted I will touch up on them.

Do you understand that you must have "[DEFN]" tag in your Steam name whenever you join CvR? Yes, I do.

Any staff who can vouch for you? Caiok, and maybe Hong Kong.

An MPF Union kills a Civilian but you don't know the reasoning behind the killing.
What do you do?

I would pull the MPF Union into a sit. I would ask why he killed him. I would then look at the death position and see if it was just a mishap and he was in the line of fire. I would pull the Civilian into a sit and hear his side of the story. Depending on what I hear from those two sides, I generally wouldn't warn and just give a verbal warning. I would let the Union know that you can’t just kill Civilians and that it is RDM. If it keeps happening, I warn. If it is a high ranking CO they should know better, and I would give them a warning since they should know the rules.

An H.E.C.U. Soldier enters the Combine base to "RP defect".
How do you proceed as a staff member?

I would warn the HECU Soldier for FailRP, you can't ''RP Defect''.

You find a SU/MACE CO infiltrating without notifying their team in chat. You bring them into a sit to talk to them about breaking the rules. In this sit the CO threatens to demote your RP character if you don't let them go.
How do you handle this?

I would instantly just void his threat since this is a OOC situation. It is a rule to let your team know that you are infiltrating. I would just let him know to announce that you are infiltrating, as they should know this as they are a CO. I would probably notify their higher ups if it keeps happening. If he actually ends up demoting my character I would call a higher up of him. And I am pretty sure I would warn him for failrp or something among the lines.

A group of players comes onto the server and threatens to DDOS or raid it.
What do you think you should do?

Instantly ban the group of players for the max amount of time I can. I would call a higher-up to extend the ban. DDOS is permaban if I remember correctly.  

You see a high ranking staff member doing something questionable, but you don't know if it is allowed.
What do you do?

I would collect video evidence and send the evidence to HA's. I would probably ask what he is doing first though.

Honorary R&D
Lead Refugee
BEEP BOP  Certified Gamemaster Junior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 29 Jan 21 at 3:12am
Neutral leaning - 1
Not much detail or effort put into this application please take more time to add more detail to your answers on the questionnaire section, I may lean closer to a plus one if that is the case.
Good answers just add more detail is basically what I'm trying to say.
Robert  VIP 29 Jan 21 at 3:18am Edited
My goal of this application was not to overload it with detail. My answers are pretty straight-forward. But thanks for letting me know.

Honorary R&D
Lead Refugee
[DEFN] Venom  VIP 29 Jan 21 at 5:25am Edited
You edited your answers and put a little bit more detail into them as I asked. You are active and never really had a problem with you. You would be a fine staff.

Personnel Lieutenant
Echos  VIP 29 Jan 21 at 11:14pm
+1, what Venom said

Former Technician CO
RF Squad CO
caiokkkkk  VIP 30 Jan 21 at 12:25am Edited
The answers are pretty good and you are very active ingame, good luck!
also i can vouch for you grrr

Honorary GRID Caiok
SU 2LT Caiok
Mapley  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:03am
Answers are good as well as your reputation of a good guy, I feel like you would do great as a staff member!
AlexMagus  Affairs Counselor VIP 4 Feb 21 at 6:55am
+1 what venom and echos and caiokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and mapley said <3
joe  Director of Personnel VIP 6 Feb 21 at 5:09pm

Please contact a HA for an interview!

NA - Joe (Family Guy Funny Moments#3700) | EU - Raven (Raven.#9984) and Vexeer (Vexeer#2142)

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