Wolffe's GM application (again :p)

ARF_Trooper_ [DEFN]  VIP 19 Jan 21 at 11:46pm
Gamemaster Application

List all RP Character names
MPF DvL Wolffe

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag


List all (if any) previous punishments (Warns/Bans)
3 RDM warns
1 mass tk (over 2 years ago)
and 3 false warns that affairs staff were unable to get removed

What is your reason(s) for applying for Gamemaster?
I want to come back, I loved being GM and the current lack of events mixed with the low quality makes me want to help set a new standard for events.

Have you ever been Event Staff or something similar before? If so, list your previous positions.
Staff x2 (totaling 1.5 years of staffing xp ranging from mod to head admin)
GM x4 totaling about 12 months
Senior Game Master for about 4 months total
Head builder x2 totaling about 6 months of XP

Describe how you react to negative feedback, from constructive criticism to borderline harassment.
I love all constructive criticism and tend to take it into account. The closer to borderline harassment the more likely I am to ignore it if they continue after I request a more constructive criticism. I usually do not edit events mid way through as that causes problems, however, I use the criticism to learn and improve for the future. I find editing events midway through causes chaos unless it's slight adjustments.

While planning a server-wide Event you realized that it would make hosting it much easier if you had another Gamemaster assisting you, and manage to get someone to help. Unfortunately 5 minutes before the Event is scheduled to begin, they messaged you and said they would be absent. How do you proceed?
Well usually in my experience I'm able to do it without them. It even says in the prompt that it would simply be easier. If I feel the quality will drop as a result of a lack in help then I will stop the event, however, I'm creative and usually can find a way to improvise through micromanaging and enlisting grid / eng help.

While planning an Event, you decide to test some of the tools you think would be helpful. You go to the admin room, and start to experiment. Unfortunately, while testing with some NPCs the server crashed. How do you react?
Funny story, this happened to me as a GM. As it turns out giving a combine a crossbow crashes the server. This is why I just go to the dev test server now (which I have access to) but in the moment I would immediately report the issue to sentinel and then to the current HGM to make an announcement for others not to do the same.

An NCO has finished training a Recruit, but there are no COs or Staff online to provide the whitelist. What do you do?
I may give him a whitelist

While hosting a server-wide Event you have implemented a RP section where players can interact with a computer in order to open a door. Unexpectedly, a CO decides that they would rather that door stay closed (Presumably so that the other side cannot continue), and orders that the computer be destroyed. Given that the door is essential to progressing your event, how do you react?
I improvise. @@ Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard! | I use my TNT tool which, if I'm not mistaken, has been added to our arsenal to cause an explosion as I remove the door with my tool gun. The TnT would be colored invisible and no collided. Progression may continue.

While hosting a server-wide Event, a CmD/MAJ decides that they dislike it, and begin to openly attempt to get players to refuse to participate. This reaches the point that there are almost no players participating on one side. How do you resolve the situation?
I ask him to stop nicely and if he ignores me then I would be forced to request staff intervene to deal with the rule breaking that is event disruption.

After hosting a server-wide Event, you are in the middle of a post-event Debrief when the COs present tell you to stop hosting your DB so they can host theirs. How do you react?
I ask them kindly to wait a few minutes for me to finish up. If they persist I will assure them it won't take long. If they continue to persist after that I will inform them that the other faction is waiting on their DB (assuming this is the first one) and that they need to be patient. If they are last I will just simply let them go ahead and wait.

What permissions do Gamemasters have, both inside and outside of Events?
Inside events: whatever you need to complete the approved event that is within your current perms
Outside: only whitelisting / unstuck when there are no staff

While preparing to host an Event, you notice that there are 3 vehicles deployed, and that the server is lagging a bit because of that. What do you do?
I ask them to kindly undeploy and offer to scrap in return for some resources. If they refuse I may postpone the event or persist.

Describe your design process of Events prior to queuing them.
I usually brainstorm my event idea through tossing around concepts and then asking friends what they think of the concept. I then usually try the event out with minimal players in a testing environment before refining the idea and making sure it covers any holes in game play.

Create three Event ideas and describe them below. Be as detailed as you feel necessary. Originality is appreciated, and a lack of details will be penalized.
1. Capture the squad lead. I actually tested this in the form of a training and it worked perfectly. Basically two squad leads have their HP set very high and are at oposite ends at a combat arena. The squad leads (literal party leaders) act as spawn points for each team, all of which will use the base class whitelist. There is one medic per team that is able to revive their squad leaders. The squad leaders are behind cover and not allowed to move. Prop destruction is not allowed. Combat continues until all members of a team die. Players will be colored depending on their teams. The medic may revive the squad lead however they may not heal them.
2. Roller maze. This is an event that I did back as a GM before and it worked very well. Basically I make a pitch black maze and have a dim light line the floors to show the way. Players have to avoid roller mines that hunt them in the dark! It spreads like an infection and dead players become hunters. Last player standing wins the reward.
3. Shadow stalker. Basically players are set to the crispy black model and have to try and hide in the shadows to make it from one end of the sewers to the other, the whole time being stalked by a monster. They must stick to the shadows to avoid detection.

How often do you think GMs should host events?
Two events per a week

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak Staff or Gamemaster information, I will not abuse my powers, and I will not break the Gamemaster rules.

TheJC  VIP Member 20 Jan 21 at 12:19am
If you're not a GM how the fuck were you building that sim icon shit?
BEEP BOP  VIP Junior Infrastructure Moderator 20 Jan 21 at 1:05am
(20 Jan 21 at 12:50am)Destitute the :dab: Wrote: Are you still staff on HLW?

I’m not sure if juggling two staff positions plus DvL is a great idea

HLW is gone I mean all development has stopped
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Clash  VIP 20 Jan 21 at 9:06am

events could use a little work, but overall a very solid application. Plus you've got that SGM experience so that always helps.

- slouchmeister guy 
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mantis  VIP 20 Jan 21 at 11:25am
+1 this app is pretty good and he shows what a GM needs

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