Wrong ban

MeIdo4ka[ВЗР]  Member 9 Feb 20 at 8:27am
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Who banned you? i dont know

Date of Ban:02.02.2020

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Reason:You have been banned from the server for ban evasion

Why should you be unbanned? No one teleported me or said what they want to ban me for, they didn’t say anything about me in the chat. I believe that I was banned unfairly

squanchy  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 9 Feb 20 at 10:39am
[Image: 61f04791e1077073601774c10625edbb.png]
Codex  VIP 9 Feb 20 at 11:07am
you thought wrong
mint  Infrastructure Moderator VIP 9 Feb 20 at 11:08am
big brain
Combean0007  Director of Personnel VIP 9 Feb 20 at 12:51pm
First of all, when banning cheaters, we don't do sits - it's pointless. As for the proof, you were caught tracking player through walls. HAs will reply soon.
Fel  Head Administrator VIP 9 Feb 20 at 2:31pm

You have been caught breaking one of our rules, Unfortunately we DO NOT allow HACKING on our server.

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