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Neat Benny  VIP 18 Nov 23 at 2:48am
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A: 03 Revanant, Silence, Six

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What is your suggestion?
A:  I think we should add getting xp for kills back to the server

How would this benefit the server?
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]Hey folks, let's chat about bringing back XP for kills in CVR. You know how some classes, like snipers, don't always hang around the control points? They're doing their thing from a distance, providing cover and all that jazz. But the snag is, they end up missing out on XP and credits compared to the pushback classes who are right in the thick of it. Plus, with fewer control points on the maps now, the XP and credits are kinda taking a backseat. So, why not make things a bit more balanced and revive the XP for kills system? It's just about giving credit where it's due and making sure every player gets a fair shot at rewards, no matter their playstyle. Let's keep it real and bring back that XP for kills – what do you think?

Signed:        Sniper Silence  MPF-H Revenant   HECU Six      
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Luci  Member 19 Nov 23 at 2:06am
+1 makes sense. also was this written by chatgpt
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TheJC  VIP Member 19 Nov 23 at 9:26pm
+1 while some may think (rightly so) that it discourages teamwork, it also entirely discourages snipers from playing at all (though honestly I think they shouldn't play and leave us all alone)

I think teamwork should be encouraged more than discouraging lone wolfing because we end up getting side effects like these. Besides attacking a point with 1 defender vs attacking a point with 20 defenders the reward ends up being the same for a lot more effort.

Maybe we can make it so you get kill rewards if your target is near a point or if you yourself are near a point, sounds like a decent compromise (I know we already get defense rewards so maybe not the last one)

PS: Delete autosquad, it's just extra spawnpoints for free.
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