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  • A) General Rules
    Rule A1. FailRP is defined as exhibiting behaviors that break roleplay. (such as bunny-hopping, disrupting the gameplay of others.) Determined by Staff.      Avoiding or breaking role play in any manner is not allowed in IC.      Unprofessional and immature behavior such as “Trolling” or “Meming” whilst in an IC (talking, fighting, etc.) situations will fall under FailRP.      Bhopping is to be categorized under FailRP and is not allowed.      Powergaming and Metagaming are separately defined from FailRP. (Powergame is giving yourself an advantage over players and excluding yourself from certain processes and standard role-play standards - Metagame is taking info from OOC into IC.) Rule A2. No Random Deathmatch (RDM).      Spawn-killing and base-killing are bundled together for the sake of simplicity.      Team-killing also qualifies as RDM.      Team-killing may only be allowed in the context of trainings or tryouts. However, trainings must be officially announced beforehand, and a medic must be present.      Team-killing is also acceptable when killing an ally who is cuffed/captured by the enemy. Rule A3. You may only hold a rank of CO+ on one faction at a time, and for only one character. Rule A4. Areas designated for events are not allowed to be tampered with in any way or form. Rule A5. Factions may only enter and exit their own “base” unless a base raid is occurring. Rule A6. Training may be done by a NCO+ or any enlisted given permission by an CO+. Rule A7. Certain events may alter/denounce some of these rules to suit the map’s and event’s needs. These exceptions rules will be address by Staff if/when this occurs. Rule A8. Abusing an exploit for any reason is punishable at the staff's discretion, the more serious the exploit, the harsher the punishment.      Any attempt to climb on or out of the map boundaries is classified as exploiting. This includes when players fall under the map, and then proceed to shoot at players above them and such. Rule A9. ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is strictly forbidden on the server, and punishable at the Staff's discretion. This goes along with sexual harassment, even if said jokingly. Rule A10. When a player is kidnapped or imprisoned, that player may not be held for an excessive period of time. Maximum imprisonment time equals ten minutes, starting as soon as the captured player is taken into their captor's base. Rule A11. OOC Harassment is not allowed in any way, shape, or form. Rule A12. Recruits may not leave the recruit room unless accompanied by a Trainer. Rule A13. PTS (Permission to Speak) is always active and present at briefings/debriefings. Rule A14. FOB's are not considered to be "bases". All players are allowed to be in them. Rule A15. NPU and MP are not allowed to sit or "camp" outside or anywhere near the opposing team's base to capture someone. Rule A16. Any form of purposely increasing your own player velocity and/or airtime from projectiles, explosives, or any other means is not allowed. This includes Rocket Jumping, Grenade Jumping, and using bullet impacts to give yourself a boosted jump or movement speed. Rule A17. Players are permitted only 1 character per side. VIPs are permitted 2. (not including any VIP jobs) Rule A18. Toxicity towards players, whether In Character or Out of Character in any context, is prohibited. Failure to follow this result can result in warnings and a ban. Rule A19. You may not kill anyone with props from the gravity gun. Rule A20. Captives of either side can not participate in battle at any point. Rule A21. Once stalkerized/enslaved, captives may no longer attempt to escape their captors. Rule A22. Neither faction may question/interrogate their captive after their enslavement/transformation. Rule A23. Stalkers/slaves can only remain enslaved for a maximum of 10 minutes, starting immediately after enslavement/transformation. Rule A24. Heavy/grenadier/vehicular units may use explosives such as rockets, SLAMs, and vehicular explosive ordinance to destroy constructed props by enemy factions. A staff member must be called and present for the attack on the props in question, where the staff will then delete it. Rule A25. Ramming players with air vehicles (excluding manhacks) in any manner is prohibited. Rule A26. SU/MACE units may use vehicles they have stolen with CO permission from their faction's respective vehicular divisions. Rule A27. Vehicles (stolen or otherwise) cannot be 'stored', and any method of stockpiling vehicular assets is prohibited. Rule A28. Stolen vehicles must follow the same deployment rules as those bought from the respective faction's vehicle vendor. If a certain vehicle can only be spawned one-at-a-time, then it can only be used as such. Rule A29. Vehicular classes cannot transfer ownership of their vehicle to any other division. Rule A30. Staff member/officer authorization must be requested and accepted in-game. No other platform of communication is valid for these kinds of requests. Rule A31. No one shall discriminate another based on their race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. Rule A32. Only Grid/Engineers can hack Manhacks and Rollermines. 1 roll is required from both parties.      Manhacks and Rollermines can only be hacked in Captured friendly points, and home base.      Rollermines and Manhacks can only be hacked if they are suspended in the air by Grav Guns.      Rollermines may explode at whatever time, unless inside of a base, or mid hack rolls.
    If what you’re doing or are about to do isn’t listed here and you’re curious, ask a staff member. If one is not available, use common sense.
  • B) Combine Rules
    Rule B1. Only OVA Kilo and Foxtrot are permitted to use their own vehicles and assets, unless an event or a staff member says otherwise. Rule B2. Combine using Manhacks must keep their manhack light red. Rule B3. Helix may only stalkerize, the use of any other pill is prohibited. Rule B4. MACE units may infiltrate with authorization. Rule B5. Combine units carry ID cards with them, but they can only be read by fellow Combine units. Rule B6. Combine may not shoot teammates to check if they are SU. Rule B7. Combine may not ID check anyone without good reason.      OOC info and game mechanics is not a good reason to ID check someone.      There is no good reason to ID check anyone outside of base.      Examples of good reasons to ID check someone are (but not limited to): Fortress level 1+, NPU cells on lockdown. Rule B8. Combine NPU may cuff anyone who does not have a base standard name format. (Excluding squad names and other things.)      Ex. NPU JURY 01 Jester is good, and doesn't need to be cuffed for improper name.      Ex. MACE Commander Niggaslade is an improper name, so NPU can cuff them and bring them in for questioning.
  • C) Rebel Rules
    Rule C1. Technicians are allowed to use air and ground vehicles. Rule C2. Vortigaunts are not allowed to use firearms. Rule C3. Rebels may not steal Synth Vehicles. Rule C4. MPs may make captured MPF into slaves upon applying a slave collar to them. Rule C5. Spectre units may infiltrate with authorization Rule C6. Resistance units do not carry identification of any kind on them. Rule C7. Spectre Units may not disguise as their own Combine Character(s). Rule C8. Spectre Units may not use improper or bait names when disguising.      Ex. MPF UNION 01 NotAnSU
  • D) Citizen Rules
    Rule D1. Citizens should be considered non-combatants, but may carry a sidearm OR a melee weapon, only for use in self-defense.      This does not apply to official event characters. Rule D2. Citizens spotted by combatants in possession of any contraband (openly carried weapons/tools of destruction) may be prosecuted by either faction. Rule D3. Citizens may be detained-and-prosecuted by the Combine if they are non-compliant to orders, or killed if an autonomous judgement is in effect. Civil Protection may detain-and-arrest any Citizen with legitimate suspicion of being affiliated with the Resistance. Rule D4. Anarchists cannot kill one another within their spawn, nor attack members of a faction within their own base out of random. Rule D5. Anarchists may steal and use any vehicle except air vehicles. Rule D6. Anarchists may not kill within faction bases without good reasoning. Rule D7. Anarchists cannot kill civilians, unless in self-defense.      Ex. The civilian rats them out to either side. Rule D8. Anarchists can disguise as CWU, though they cannot get a CWU ID Rule D9. Anarchists may not side with either faction.
  • E) Base Raiding Rules
    Rule E1. No vehicles should be deployed for either side at all to attack or defend during a base raid. Rule E2. Cooldown between each base raid is 30 MINUTES. Rule E3. The faction which is raiding is NOT allowed to spawncamp. Rule E4. One life per raid.      If you die during the raiding of an opposition base, you are not allowed to return and continue aiding in the base raid. Rule E5. You need at least 10 members in the raiding squad as well as a valid reason for you to begin raiding.      This also needs to be brought to the attention of the COs as well as needing a Debriefing stage of sorts to plan your attack/base raid. Rule E6. For approval of the base raid you need CO permission alongside with Admin+ permission. Rule E7. Base raids are never division exclusive.      For example, MACE and SU may not purely send 10+ of their own in, as this classifies as mass infiltration.
  • F) Infiltration Rules
    Rule F1. Infiltrations MUST be granted by a CO+ (IC rules may differ from this, so long as it is granted by a CO+). Rule F2. No more than four units may infiltrate inside of a base at one time. (This does not include units that are currently captured). Rule F3. Infiltrations must have a valid reason... Some examples of these are as follows:      Disrupting enemy tryouts. - Killing the tryout leader, killing the members of said tryout, and other forms of basic disruption.      Assassination. - The target for Assassination MUST be a NCO or above - Assassinations have a 15 minute cooldown - They have a 20 minute cooldown if you wish to target the same person.      Stealing a vehicle. - When asking for an Infiltration to steal a vehicle, you MUST tell the CO what vehicle you intend to steal. For example, you may not randomly ask to infiltrate to: “Steal any vehicles that could be in the base” - You must have a KNOWN target. Rule F4. Once a task has been completed, the Infiltrating Unit(s) must attempt to escape, or die trying. They may not then camp the enemy base, and may only engage units that are actively blocking exits. Rule F5. Scouting missions are different to infiltrations, and require their own separate permissions from a CO+. They do not count towards the number of infiltrating units. Scouting rules are as follows:      You must ask for permission from a CO+ currently in game.      You may not enter the enemy base.      You may not shoot or kill at all during a scouting mission. If you are spotted or get shot at, you retreat away to a safe distance and disengage the scouting mission.      If you wish to infiltrate during a scouting mission, you must ask for separate permission from there, from a CO, and state the reason. Rule F6. MACE/SU units may not interrupt faction debriefs by any means (Killing, causing panic, chaos, etc).
  • G) Building Rules
    Rule G1. Buildings constructed from props must have a material appropriate to the faction.      Rebels would use a rusted metal, and the combine would have a blue-ish metallic colour. Rule G2. Bridges and such MUST be supported, or have a visible method of suspension. (Rope tool only does not count.) Rule G3. No floating props or props that defy reality. (Invisible walls, nocollided doorways.) - The only exception to this is when props are nocollided to prevent obstruction during construction. Rule G4. No ramps or “ladders”. Staircases/Scaffolding is fine, so long as they are realistic. Rule G5. No constructions that involve moving props. (I.E: Slingshots, spinning traps, etcetera.) - This rule does not include moving doors and windows for fortification entry. Rule G6. Spamming props/Using minge props (Such as spawning footballs, etcetera) is prohibited. Rule G7. You are NOT to spawn props when you are not on your respective ULX classes (GRID/Engineer). Rule G8. Any and all props created by yourself must be removed when you switch to another class. Rule G9. Undo-ing or quick-deleting fortifications when enemies take over that area is prohibited. Rule G10. “Fingerprint Scanners” or “ID scanners”, or otherwise buttons that are made for the purpose of keeping the enemy from opening a door, are FailRP. Rule G11. Crouch bases, obstacle course bases, “Puzzle Room” bases, and other such bases, are not allowed and are defined as follows:      Crouch bases are when at some point within the base, you MUST crouch to make some progress.      Obstacle course bases are when someone makes obstacles such as stepping stones, parkour segments, mazes, etcetera as a section of the base.      “Puzzle Room” bases are when someone hides a button, makes a button-based password, or an intentionally secretive entrance to a base for the purpose of fooling other units. Rule G12. Construction of vehicles or methods of transportation out of props (Cars, trains, balloons, “battle bus”) is not allowed. Rule G13. You may not reinforce vehicles with props to prevent damage, or edit them in any way. Rule G14. Combat building (Building whilst taking fire) is prohibited. If you are constructing, and then you are killed, you must delete props that are out of place. Rule G15. Building classes can only build within the limits of small structures, and must not block key parts of the map that majorly disrupt player movement. Rule G16. Props & structures built must follow lore to some extent, and must be built in a realistic fashion.      Building/spawning illegitimate structures & props is considered FailRP, and is to be determined by Staff.          {Ex:} Includes but are not limited to large tubes/walls/platforms, ridiculously-huge prop bridges/ramps/buildings, some objects found in nature such as rocks, trees, and certain effects. Rule G17. Building classes cannot build structures or devices/utilities that infringe on another class/job's specialty (anti-vehicle, vehicle creation/driving, etc).
    Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to the deleting off said props, with or without warning. Repeat offenders/Major offenders will be permanently stripped of their ULX perms.

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