ban appeal

bad rats fan 69  Member 27 Apr 22 at 6:00pm
FULL RP Name(s):
Recon Honorary Joey Fatcock
MPF HELIX 09 013370
MPF UNION Z4 07 80085

Discord Username:
corn dog#9962

Steam ID:

Who warned/banned you?
uhh i think maple?

Date of Warn/Ban:

Ban Length:
i dunno lol

Warn/Ban Reason:
rdm in base borders

Why should we remove warn/ban?
i havent done anything wrong it was my little brother on the keyboard.

Helo I am the brother adn I am veri sory Sad(
that was him i got him to type that
Woorj07  Server Administrator Member 27 Apr 22 at 6:03pm
If you would like it removed I would suggest being serious about it, that is all.
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TheJC  VIP 27 Apr 22 at 6:23pm
Here's Proof of him MRDM'ing, I could've stopped him but I wanted him to kill enough to count as MRDM.
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bad rats fan 69  Member 27 Apr 22 at 6:26pm
that wasnt me it was my little brother. i am taking this situation very seriously ive given him a stern talking to about using my computer while im not looking
Kyle The Killer  Member 27 Apr 22 at 6:31pm
-1 Side Strafing + Crouching while managing a spray pattern doesn't seem to be techniques a younger sibling could perform. Of course I could be wrong if there is proof of your sibling using the keyboard during the time.
TheJC  VIP 27 Apr 22 at 6:43pm
Oh well I mean if it was your little brother then +1, beat that little rat for me!
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Woorj07  Server Administrator Member 27 Apr 22 at 6:49pm
The idea of carelessly leaving your "little brother" to play CvR and not setting any ground rules to him playing the gamemode beforehand is unbelievable.
If this were true by some miracle, it would be your mistake for letting him use the computer as he would not have the ability to properly communicate with his poor grammar or have the necessary skills and set guidelines to play the server leaving him in the same position of a foreign player or in general being underage.
Anti yes  Member 27 Apr 22 at 7:30pm
nigga is side strafing for people that are standing still lol
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bad rats fan 69  Member 27 Apr 22 at 7:44pm
i didnt leave him i was takin a piss and he went to the controls
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