DeToXic's Staff Application 2.0

DeToXic  Affairs Counselor VIP 31 May 19 at 3:26pm
FULL RP Name(s): EOW REAPER 03 2323 | Res SNP PVT Coder | OTA SHIELD 09 TR 2323 | Scav PVT Coder

Discord Username: DeToXic #1139

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:66820908

What region are you located in?
EU, Portugal. UTC +1. 

Previous Warns?
1 warn by Brand, it was because of Teamkill. This happened when a BALLISTA shot a rocket at a friendly APC, so I just gunned him down.

Previous Bans?

Why do you want to be part of the staff team?
I want to help the server and make sure people follow the rules for the sake of fun in both parties, be able to act over someone breaking a rule and not sit down as I yell for a admin to come over. Be able to help new players get in the right direction, teach thoose who break rules and keep away those who do not wish to follow them. Be able to make players enjoy the server to it's full extent and not cut short by someone else with a bad intention.

Why should you be accepted on the staff team?
I've been arround for more than a year, and I thinck it's time for me to try the Staff Team, since am a active EU Member (I don't often see active EU staff, maybe it's just me), I do my best to be unbiased in certain situations were you require to judge people in sits and I do have staff knowledge, I also do take part in the GM team so I am aware of what commands the staff team uses or in the ULX, aswell I am aware of the methods staff use for punishment or taking sits.

List of the ULX Commands:
First of all: !menu, the main command for the ULX, helpfull to learn new commands and be aware wich your rank is able to use.
      * Administrative Section:
           - !administrate
           - !unadministrate
      * Average SoD Commands:
           - !god/ungod
           - !cloack/uncloack
           - !noclip 
           - !goto
           - !bring
           - !return
           - !spectate
      * Votings:
           - !vote
           - !stopvote
      * Event Based Commands:
           - !playsound
           - !give
           - !model
           - !giveammo
           - !armor
           - !hp
           - !scale
           - !ragdoll/unragdoll
      * Punishment Commands:
           - !kick
           - !ban/unban
           - !banid
           - !blind/unblind
           - !slap
           - !freeze/unfreeze
           - !jail/unjail
           - !jailtp
           - !strip
           - !ingite/unignite
           - !mute
           - !gag
           - !warn
           - !maul
           - !slay
           - !sslay (silent slay)
           - !whip
Another command that is not in the ULX list is the !log; to verify the killfeed, spawning props, spawned enteties, spawned weapons and even check chat logs.

Do you understand that you must change your Steam name to "[DEFN] (Username)" upon getting accepted?
Yes, already done that.

References? Nah

An MPF Union kills a Civilian but you don't know the reasoning behind the killing.
What do you do?
I'll !bring the Civillian to a sit and ask him "Did you got RDM'ed by *Insert UNION's Name*?". The sit can go two ways:
1st Situation; the Civillian confirms it was RDM. I'll then !bring the UNION and ask him "Why did you RDM the civillian?" if he responds with a reasonable arguement, I'll check !logs and see if everything is in check, then !return both from the sit and close the case. Else !warn the UNION for RDM with the template: !warn (Name of the UNION) VoR | RDM | x1 | - DeToXic
2nd Situation; the Civillian does not claim it was RDM. I'll !return him and close the sit.

An H.E.C.U. Soldier enters the Combine base to "RP defect".
How do you proceed as a staff member?
I'll !bring him into a sit, telling him that what he was doing is considered failRP and that he shouldn't repeat it explaining that he must have Staff+ and High CO permission to do it. I'll then contact a CO about the case and punish the HECU accordingly (warn/ban, with the same format as I placed above).

You find a SU/MACE CO infiltrating without notifying their team in chat. You bring them into a sit to talk to them about breaking the rules. In this sit the CO threatens to demote your RP character if you don't let them go.
I'll tell the SU/MACE to stop threatening me, and that it'll just make his punishment more severe. I would warn him accordingly (since it's a CO he should know better and that he just massively failRP'ed since he is taking a OOC situation ICly) and contact and high CO about the situation and tell to deal with him.

A group of players comes onto the server and threatens to DDOS or raid it.
What do you think you should do?
This is a permanent ban, whatever the situation is, DDOS'ing is an attempt to shut down the server with lag and raiding is when a group of people attack a server that they dislike and want to ruin the fun for everyone.

You see a high ranking staff member doing something questionable, but you don't know if it is allowed.
What do you do?
I'll get some screenshots/recordings about the said high staff member and ask someone above his rank if he is allowed to behave like it is showed in the recordings/screenshots.
Shellac  VIP 2 Jun 19 at 9:34pm
+1 I see nothing wrong with the application.

RES R15 SPC Shellac (KIA)
RU R11 Barney (KIA)
"I got a Ph.D. in Chemistry for this bullshit." - Head Engineer Weiler
"I need glasses.." - RES R14 SNP WO ZagZig

Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 5 Jun 19 at 1:36am

Super detailed application and we could always use some more EU Staff.

[Image: NecoDance.gif][Image: Necowha-1.gif]
Some guy on the internet  Member 6 Jun 19 at 6:33am
Extensive, well done, is allready a TGM (though i haven't seen anyone that's been both TGM and Staff currently)
You allready are a part of Definitive Networks things, might aswell add you onto the Staff team.

Used to play here between 2018-2019, only @'s destitute with shitpost in the discord now.

[DEFN] Brand  Community Advisor VIP 9 Jun 19 at 6:21pm

Please contact myself or another HA on Discord to schedule an interview.
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