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Combean0007  Director of Personnel VIP 9 Mar 20 at 4:57pm

NPU RIOT 06 5971
[Image: 764B7B9B55CB16EEE1C01D86FEE06F9B3FCFA2F2]
Vix  VIP Server Administrator 9 Mar 20 at 4:58pm
Unfunny joke
Bel1ve.  Member 9 Mar 20 at 5:17pm
damn bro you got me man
himynameiszdenek  Server Moderator VIP 9 Mar 20 at 5:29pm
they had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
Void  VIP 9 Mar 20 at 6:12pm Edited
Funny! Got me to lol! By the way are you bringing the kids to the potluck so I can get the coordinator to write it down? I can bring extra McDonald's if you want! See you there!!!!
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