Have you seen this man?

deltomega  Member 2 Sep 19 at 10:57am Edited
[Image: hitman1.png]
Refers to himself as "The HL2RP Hitman" although it is unknown if it truly is "nothing personal" -- however, we know this man is a twisted fucker.
Can often be seen wearing a hat with 5 stars, 4 being gold and 1 being gray.
[Image: hitman2.png] < This man is responsible for millions of roleplayer and dozens of community deaths...

(One of many cyber-terrorist attacks held by "The Hitman" and his fanatic following.)
[Image: hitman_vid3.png]
(Another attack, involves him using one of his catchphrases "I-I'm gonna fuck you up!"
[Image: hitman_vid9.png]
-The Final Event: Although on the records there is no footage... no witnesses and no proof, I KNOW it happened... It was covered up by "The Federals"
-Fall of [REDACTED]: The Hitman and his fanatic following is believed to be the cause of a pedophile's server downfall. God's work...
-The [REDACTED]: The Hitman has partaken in The War and has been noted as the deadliest person involved in that conflict... Using his world-class hacking skills, he has jacked into the database and stolen the user IP and deleted their characters...
(As you can see below, even our beloved leader of the resistance, zigzag, was affected by his actions...)
[Image: hitman_vid4.png]

Please report any sightings or interactions with this individual or anyone affiliated with him.

The investigation is back on track after the restoration of the archived thread...
HQ allowed me to disclose more classified material.

[Image: hitman_vid7.png]
[Image: hitman_vid2.png]
[Image: hitman_vid8.png]
"I am the god of hellfire and I bring you -- FIRE!" - Lyrics of the song "Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire"
It appears that the Russian hacker is into 1960s music.
"Come on baby light my fire!" - Lyrics from The Door's - Light my fire used in one of the tapes... it appears that the feared hitman may be a pyromaniac.
One of the tapes recorded presumably by the Hitman himself, he features multiple songs from Hotline Miami 2 and Carpenter Brut's music. - Could this mean he is a fan of Hotline Miami and Synthwave?
deltomega  Member 2 Sep 19 at 11:37am
(2 Sep 19 at 11:34am)Eclipsian Wrote: ok boomer

[Image: oDymFQo.jpg]
[DEFN] Dreik  VIP 2 Sep 19 at 11:38am
This gives me flashbacks to one of machinegun mickeys videos
deltomega  Member 2 Sep 19 at 3:22pm
[Image: AWN4BsE.jpg]
More footage... this one's more subtle but if you look closely, you can notice the rocket-propelled grenade exiting the launcher.
Clash  Affairs Counselor 2 Sep 19 at 3:24pm
what is the fucking point of this, i have no idea what is going on.
Rexx  Member 3 Sep 19 at 7:19am Edited
Thanks for the warning I will look out for him??!! I cant believe the President still hasnt caught him!!?? Such horrible people in this world now because of those blasted video games??? Im praying for this world?????

Emojis dont work smh
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