I didnt even know that shit was possible but ok

Zio  VIP 26 Oct 19 at 7:50am
(26 Oct 19 at 7:49am)Raven. Wrote: Didn't realize ban appeals served for personal life stories/problems instead of, y'know, appeals

I think we found new purpose to ban appeals, quick rename it
Nevada  VIP 26 Oct 19 at 9:46am
Why the fuck are you so angry? Also happy birthday.
You don't have to follow the manual so closely btw smh smh
Radioactive.sw  VIP 26 Oct 19 at 12:55pm
Stop pulling the birthday card dude, happy birthday but u were an anarchist and was getting angry when someone shot u for trying to kill them and then you were like ,OMG WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME ON MY BIRTHDAY YOU DICK THATS THE MEANEST THING EVER

+1 on the appeal though
[DEFN] Aura  Community Advisor VIP 26 Oct 19 at 1:20pm
Adding this to the great list of "My Life's biggest bruh moments"

Ok so under the exploit rule we have an example down that is very similar to the situation you were in. The default ban timer is 1 week based off exploits similar to being under the map to shoot people.

Which means that Kanna didn't do anything wrong. It's just the manual is not very specific on exploit bans (will be corrected) 
Exploit bans are dependent on severity. And severity is determined by the staff member handling the case.

All in all, It's best you consider that if you are doing something that you think may be against the rules, it probably is.

You've been banned for a day so far. I think this should serve as a pretty good warning.


Thread locked/moved.

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