IP Ban appeal ;D

Optamistic™  Member 21 Nov 20 at 6:44pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): Unknown!

Discord Username: awesomefoo123-2#4315

Steam ID: ([b] EDIT: STEAM_0:1:119964714 [/b]

Who warned/banned you?: Dodgy

Date of Warn/Ban: 11/21/2020

Ban Length: Permanent

Warn/Ban Reason: Alternate account, LTAP, Minge, MRDM, Fail RP!

Why should we remove warn/ban?: I moved to Pakistan, I'm not trying to circumnavigate bans, sowwy if I confused you there!

Evidence/Other: I'm 13, I don't want to do things like secretly take pictures of personal documents as proof, that sounds scary~ !

I wish I could return this community... I really want to enjoy being in it as a different person. (6 Months!)
But if you want a year before you think I could potentially get a 2nd chance... Then feel free to let me know! <3
Anti yes  Member 21 Nov 20 at 6:46pm
even if you do get unbanned you would want to stay banned after a week

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Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 21 Nov 20 at 6:49pm
I've never seen a 13 year old talk like this.
Not gonna lie here, this sounds fake. Why would taking pictures of docs be scary? You can just censor shit. Anyways, shits not gonna be accepted, you should stop making appeals.

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lemons taste like limes  VIP 21 Nov 20 at 6:49pm
its over dude, you shouldnt have done the shit you did

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I am not MP lemons
BOT Pieswick  VIP 21 Nov 20 at 6:50pm
furry, fake age, fucking weird and app has no basis

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Bel1ve.  VIP 21 Nov 20 at 7:07pm Edited
neutral leaning to +1

Could be a mistake by staff or something idk
have to wait for staff.

quick edit
Optamistic™  Member 21 Nov 20 at 7:20pm
I'm sorry! It gave 0.0.0...
I found out how to gather it again and got my proper ID edited in! Big Grin
Poison  VIP 21 Nov 20 at 8:07pm
-1 stay out, why would you even want to come back, you are basically excommed from the combine.
Valiant  VIP 21 Nov 20 at 8:18pm
Uhh who is this guy?

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