Nine's Gm Application { please enjoy :) }

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While making your application you should attempt to correct any grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors, and attempt to make your application look nice to read. Some obvious components of that are to simply put your responses on the line below each question, and remove the Bold format.

Gamemaster Application

"List all RP Character names"

T9 Technician Nine | T10 Engineer Nine


"SteamID & Discord Name/Tag"

Steam ID, (STEAM_0:0:84488940) | Discord - {Nineconatiner9#2888}


Region - {United States} | Timezone - {Central Daylight}

"List all (if any) previous punishments (Warns/Bans)"


"What is your reason(s) for applying for Gamemaster?"

I want to host many cool and fun events that people will enjoyranging from Antlion invasion, to making Manhacks. Also to try and put more events into the server so there wont be any lack of  boredom while people are playing. Give more players a bigger variety of panic situations rather then just killing and doing the same thing over and over again. Another reason is, is because I am on the server almost everyday ranging from night time and day time averaging about 2-6 hours at those times. So in the best of times there would always be at least 1 Gamemaster on.

"Have you ever been Event Staff or something similar before? If so, list your previous positions."


"Describe how you react to negative feedback, from constructive criticism to borderline harassment."

I would take in all feedback regardless on if its good, or bad to improve and to work on what I could do differently to make everyone be satisfied and have fun the next time I host another.

"While planning a server-wide Event you realized that it would make hosting it much easier if you had another Gamemaster assisting you, and manage to get someone to help. Unfortunately 5 minutes before the Event is scheduled to begin, they messaged you and said they would be absent. How do you proceed?"

I would make up an excuse if the word hasn't gone out to far to delay the event, like building Manhacks in a Resistance FOB.
{Example} - "It will Be a bit longer because our FOB doesn't have enough resourcesGive it about five more minutes." 

Or If the event was much bigger, like a(n) invasionI would try and ask Mods and above to help assist with the huge event

"While planning an Event, you decide to test some of the tools you think would be helpful. You go to the admin room, and start to experiment. Unfortunately, while testing with some NPCs the server crashed. How do you react?"

Immediately try and contact with Sentinal and report everything that had happened to lead up to the event of a crash. So next time don't experiment when their is a full server and be more vigilant and carful with the items you have spawned in again next time.

"An NCO has finished training a Recruit, but there are no COs or Staff online to provide the whitelist. What do you do?"

If not available then I would contact a NCO or above to help assist the trainer. Or if none are on and left with no option than i will contact a staff with permission to whitelist recruit.

"While hosting a server-wide Event you have implemented a RP section where players can interact with a computer in order to open a door. Unexpectedly, a CO decides that they would rather that door stay closed (Presumably so that the other side cannot continue), and orders that the computer be destroyed. Given that the door is essential to progressing your event, how do you react?"

Give the opposing side an objective so there wont be any problems with the event.

"While hosting a server-wide Event, a CmD/MAJ decides that they dislike it, and begin to openly attempt to get players to refuse to participate. This reaches the point that there are almost no players participating on one side. How do you resolve the situation?"

Warn them that disrupting or attempting to disrupt any or all Events is a punishable offense, those who want to attend will attend and those who rather not will not. And say if there is any negativity about the event only discuss it privately with the event host.

"After hosting a server-wide Event, you are in the middle of a post-event Debrief when the COs present tell you to stop hosting your DB so they can host theirs. How do you react?"

Be friendly and don't be offended, kindly say that your post-event will end shorty and they can proceed with their DB.

"What permissions do Gamemasters have, both inside and outside of Events?"

{Outside} - (They can take tickets for anything that are involved with: | Building a Fort, | making unbreakable props for FOB's, | and can give resources as well as remove them)

{Inside} - (They are allowed to make temporary changes to the game such as: | putting down temporary rules, | making or setting up models | and making natural events)

"While preparing to host an Event, you notice that there are 3 vehicles deployed, and that the server is lagging a bit because of that. What do you do?"

Either temporarily delay the event till either the lag clears up or the 3 vehicles gets undeployedOr continue it without many entities or structures

"Describe your design process of Events prior to queuing them."

1. - Wright down a couple of ideas down in a Word document
2. - Finalize the ideas and add in more detail and events that would occur in them and chose the best one that would fit the map/player base the best.
3. - Get other people's opinion on whether it is a great even or if it needs to be worked on more to be more interesting.
4. - Queue it in the GM section and wait.

"Create three Event ideas and describe them below. Be as detailed as you feel necessary. Originality is appreciated, and a lack of details will be penalized."

"1. {At Worlds Ends}"
A Combine Outpost Laboratory housing the widely spread species formally know as "The Head Crab Infection" just broke free and is heading towards City 17. While in the midst of dealing with both the Redal Resistance and the Combine Empire a large group of special forces must enforce and halt the progress of the infection until it reaches City 17 by all means necessary. If either the Rebal Resistance nor the Combine Empire can eliminate this threat then all hope will be lost in City 17

"2. {A March Forward}"
The Combine Empire just deployed a large gathering of Crab Synth's special forces with Soldiers and vehicles in the known area of C13 to hinder the Rebal Resistance progress to victory. The Resistance has only one choice but to halt this Combine advance by locating three FOBs that are guarded by the Combine Empire and destroy its impeding progress to victory. Another is deploying many armored vehicles and personnel to hinder their advance to the Rebels HQ.

"3. {Tides Have Turned}"
 A Rebel Resistance General has enlisted all SU's to sneak into the Combine Headquarters and retrieved the building sheets for both the incredibly advanced equipment formally known as "The Manhack, and the Rollermine". So they can transfer their combating affect to aid the Resistance in combating the Combine's. Orders we're given to take the blueprints to all Rebel FOB bases and start constructing and building these types of weaponry. The Rebels mission is to protect and guard these operation bases at all cost to boost there chances to victory against the Combine Empire Forces. Meanwhile the Combine see's this as a major threat to their invasion to earth and must destroy all base operations immediately. If the Combine failed to do so then the Rebels would be rewarded with 7 or less Manhacks or Rollerminds till destroyed.

How often do you think GMs should host events?

In my opinion single and small events should be hosted at least once a day with a 8 hour cooldown to keep the peace and the main game as it is. If its a server spread Event then it should be only once every 3 days

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak Staff or Gamemaster information, I will not abuse my powers, and I will not break the Gamemaster rules.

I understand completely my good Sir

Do you understand the basics of using ULX? List what you know.


Thank you for you time!
                         - Nine
Big Iron  Certified Gamemaster Infrastructure Moderator 11 May 22 at 4:48pm
Neutral leaning towards -1. yeah, this whole app is just a yikes from me dog. While the events seem pretty fun and original, the app seems rushed with clear signs of grammar errors. Normally this wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a system already in-place to fix these issues. You could defiantly answer some questions better as some answers just don't seem right.
Arti  Member 11 May 22 at 9:04pm Edited
Neutral leaning to +1, I can forgive the grammar mistakes since I feel like your event ideas are pretty good. The only other issue is that I don't see you much, but I recognize your name. I think you'll do fine as a GM and I think your events will be enjoyable, my best recommendation is to fix your grammar & increase activity (I would also recommend adding a bit to certain sections.) in discords along with adding some . Good luck Big Grin
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RussTime  Certified Gamemaster VIP 20 May 22 at 8:36pm
I have to agree with Big Iron in this one. The grammar errors are plentiful and the coloring on this is just bad. If your gonna color a text, please just make the whole text one color for a section and not just 3 different pink colors. Also like Big Iron said, this application seems really rushed and doesn't look like it had too much time put into it.


Discord: RussTime#9208 (dm me if you need anything or have a question
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