Pielord's GM Application: revised and streamlined

AlexMagus  Affairs Counselor VIP 25 Sep 20 at 3:35am
+1 funny funny bum bummm become GM and don’t leave ok you’d do good WVENTS
oofiboi10  Member 2 Oct 20 at 3:45pm Edited

I support being a smooth brain!

   - With love

Wizz  VIP Certified Gamemaster 2 Oct 20 at 3:47pm
Neutral as well. I rarely see you on the server. I don't know what happened in the past, but if you straighten up and become more active you would be a good gamemaster.

Certified GameMaster
C4 Head Engineer Bob
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 9 Oct 20 at 12:37pm
+1 has proved himself to be very trustworthy through the countless times hes been in GM and through his work as an Engineer CO, definetely support pielord joining the GM department


E6 Associate Engineer Pyro

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Luka Hellthorn  Certified Gamemaster VIP 11 Oct 20 at 7:22am
+1. I belive in second, and even third chances. You're welcome back in my book.
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[DEFN] Vad  Senior Infrastructure Moderator Certified Gamemaster 14 Oct 20 at 3:45am
+1 I want my damn pie events back.
Also funny Halloween colors for app
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efreed  Certified Gamemaster 14 Oct 20 at 7:49am
+1 overall pretty good app. the events seem a little bit mingy, but that's nothing new.


SSteffan  VIP 14 Oct 20 at 11:14am
+1 although you did a few fucky fucks in the past i hope you can correct those errors very nice app yes
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