MinimalOverwatch  Affairs Counselor VIP 3 Aug 19 at 5:26pm Edited
I had to leave for the countryside for several days. I left my PC on, with CVR on it. I was AFK as civ. I had ACR Remington bought and P90. But when I got back I had no weapons and no credits. My brother confessed that he did, and I believe him. So that's the question: is it possible to restore at least 20k of credits, because it is nearly impossible to play like this right now. I know this is my problem, however I can at least ask. I will take " no " without any feelings.

I am level 72 and that's why 20k. I only want to get at least ACR back.

If u saw me earlier on, it was either me, sitting from the laptop, or most likely my brother.
Ick  Head Infrastructure Moderator Server Moderator 9 Aug 19 at 7:18pm
If you read clearly during the update when it came out, Sentinel stated that everything was going to be wiped besides levels. Credits were also refunded to everyone so you should've gotten them. If you didn't, then contact Sentinel or some other high up staff member to see if they can help you. Question has been Answered.

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