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TheRedSky  Member 10 Aug 22 at 6:22pm
The Lattice system has made a return

-Players can only spawn on friendly points that are linked to their own base
-Capturing an enemy point that has no possible link to a point you already own requires 3 or more teammates
Quote:Initially there were going to be "Special" connections that allow points to connect to multiple other points, however after about 3 weeks of just trying to get that to work properly, we couldn't.
After polling the development discord asking if I should scrap the update if I couldn't do special connections, 60% voted yes.

However, I'm going to go against the grain and push out what I COULD do.
I think this system is still valuable even in this reduced state, as box-in/encirclement mechanics are a very important aspect in both tactical shooters and strategy games; in order to better balance out the tide of a game.

Controlling more area also means you need to defend more area, simple as.

[Image: unknown.png]
(Applies at restart)
Bore/Sev  Head Administrator VIP 10 Aug 22 at 6:23pm Edited
The lattice system

But drop your honest feedback after you play
TheRedSky  Member 10 Aug 22 at 6:23pm
god i love me some lettuce
bee21  Server Administrator VIP 10 Aug 22 at 6:24pm
erm i will gather my chums to backcap (and cripple the opposing team ))
Minishogun721  VIP 10 Aug 22 at 7:07pm
This looks really good, forces people to concentrate and consolidate but only time can tell if it's worthwhile
Sevin  Member 10 Aug 22 at 7:16pm
I'll hold my judgment until I get a feel for it in game. I suggest everyone else do the same.
TheRedSky  Member 11 Aug 22 at 11:06pm Edited
First day of update

First impressions: 

A) Flanking is still very much possible for a solo individual if they get lucky with a resource crate. Otherwise they will need to bring back a command node which can be difficult on larger maps. 
B) This gets asked a lot, you don't need 3 players to backcap. With the upgrade or below 40 players you only need two people to break a connecting point which lowers the bar again for backcaping. Both sides struggled hard with maintaining proper lines and the map could end up just as jagged looking as it was previously. 
C) For better or worse fighting isn't spread out across the map anymore, its concentrated on the main "frontline" points where both sides try to get a squad to cap. Yes this generally means more action between both sides but also sometimes people can just be dug in more. So today we saw more action around the center of the map and the same squads would do the same flanks 4 maybe even 5 times in a row, but nothing really changed about map control and fighting would just resume back in mid.
D) Maps aren't exactly designed for single lane combat, important control points aren't always difficult to cap and the terrain doesn't prevent people from doing so. A lighter example kind of happened today: despite F having an grid fob he never got any backup due to D constantly getting cut off by rebels. H was getting cut off a fair bit by combine but due to how the points were laid out it didn't matter nearly as much as the footpath from J to G still existed. I see this is going to be a larger issue on stalker and maybe to some extent c13 where capping one point can completely severe the connection to everything else. It doesn't make sense not to leave those points undefended, so I see a lot of fighting happening only around these few points

Things I'm hoping for in the future:

- Another way for the front line to sustain itself other than APCs getting spammed
- An increased difficulty for backcapping, could be as simple as raising the barrier from 3 people to 4. I wouldn't know what to do for objectives other than them not counting towards cap progress or another rework. 

Anyways that's all for now, I'll probably have more for tomorrow.
Santa  Server Moderator VIP 11 Aug 22 at 11:48pm
Hey so something I (and a few other people have noticed) is that the update that removed capture point progress has been completely nullified by this update. You can pretty much just hit M and see what points are disconnected and go to them...

Other than that I did notice/very much enjoy the more frontlines combat feel that I was getting. So far big +1 aside from that minor thing that I assume is a pretty easy fix.
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