Your favorite hot sauce?

Game Boy  VIP 7 May 22 at 2:54pm
Depends on what I'm eating. Red-hot is great for various potatoes and buffalo chicken philly's. Tabasco is great for eggs and pizza.

One I like for a lot of things is Chili Garlic Cholula. I could probably consider that my favorite.

Spiciest I've had is Mad Dog 357 which is 357,000 scoville. I do own a gummy bear that is 9 million.
Game Boy  VIP 7 May 22 at 2:57pm
(7 May 22 at 2:55pm)oogasboogas Wrote: none because i am white

Invalid. I am white
Arti  Member 8 May 22 at 3:28am
Yes Sriacha is hot sauce
Etzil  Senior Server Administrator VIP 8 May 22 at 5:21am
Tabasco is the only hot sauce I remember having by name so it takes the cake
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