can i be unbanned

MININUKE324S  Member 7 Feb 20 at 1:27pm
FULL RP Name(s): Malakai maloney

Discord Username: Gravity_GNOME#3196

Steam ID: mininuke324

Who banned you?

Date of Ban: 07/02/2020

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Reason: cheating

Why should you be unbanned?

Evidence/Other: because I enjoy playing on the server and that I didn't even get a warning I was shooting at the building and noticed blood spattering and carried on shooting the admin must of gotten mad and I cant cheat because my system is too weak to handle the extra rendering and my multiple vac bans are there only by association, thank you for your time. 
Eclipsian  Member 7 Feb 20 at 1:39pm
Guys let's be honest. This man is speaking PURE and STRAIGHT facts right now. I honestly find it outrageous that something like this has happened to him. He should be released from hell at once.
Slade  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 1:41pm
Why can’t I find my balls
Poison  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 1:55pm
This could be true ngl , but it could be a lie also, if the banning admin has proof or his man has proof it could lead to either an unban or no action


Void  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 1:57pm
بقوة الله سأرجمكم جميعاً أيها الكفار
Codex  VIP 7 Feb 20 at 1:57pm
my recent vac ban is only there by association bro
PyroShark  Member 7 Feb 20 at 3:03pm
did you get a vac ban for being on the same tf2 server as a hacker, how tf do you get banned for association, also nice steam id
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