Combine vs. Rebels

Getting Started

Let your trainer know if you have any questions!

This is all the info you need to play, but for more faction-specific info you can also find manuals in each faction discord.

Overhead Map M
Squad Menu F6
Inventory Menu I
Weapon Attachments Menu C
Swap Radio Channels L
Give Items/Credits /give [amount] [material or credits] (while looking at target)
Join Public Squad !autosquad
Create Public Squad !newautosquad
  • Part 1: Ranks, Divisions, Tryouts & Clearance Levels

    In the training room, there is a list of different ranks, divisions, and clearance levels a player can obtain. Players rank up from promotions, which often occur in debriefs (but can happen elsewhere). To get into a division, you have to attend and pass public or private tryouts held by an official from that division; or through an application process, if the division has one. Tryouts and applications are announced in the tryout channels in the faction discord. Clearance levels are associated with job and rank. If you enter an area you do not have clearance for, you will be arrested and punished.
  • Part 2: Character Slots

    Players can only have 1 character per side, unless you have VIP; which allows 2 per side. Rank and division are not shared between the two characters in the same faction. If you pass a tryout, the character you attended as is no longer a part of the division you previously were; but any second character is not affected.
  • Part 3: Debriefs & other Faction Functions

    Every so often, an officer of a faction will announce a debrief (DB) over text chat. When this occurs, make your way to whatever area the officer has chosen for the DB (almost always in base). Faction members are organized in lines; with officers on the stage. The DB will cover things like what happened out in the field, promotion recommendations, and battle plans. You need permission to speak during a DB, which officers set aside time for.
  • Part 4: Minimap & Spawn System

    To open the overhead map, press M. You are able to see point info, orders set by your officers, as well as squad member locations on the map. Upon death, players will be shown the map overhead. Below the map there is a respawn timer, as well as the proximity of the nearest medic. Once the respawn timer has run out, you can press Space to respawn at your default spawn point. If you are in a squad, you are able to click on green squad member icons to spawn on them. If you are a squad leader, you may additionally spawn on friendly capture points.
  • Part 5: Squad System

    You can join a public squad using !autosquad command. If there are no available public squads, the command will generate a new one. If you don't want to join an existing available public squad, you can use the !newautosquad command. By accessing the squad menu with F6, you may create private squads, leave squads, and adjust squad settings.
  • Part 6: Spawncamp

    The server has strict spawncamp guidelines, and whenever possible players should avoid sightlines to base exits. Base exits are clearly marked with textscreens, and often props. Breaking spawn camp rules will often result in demotions, or worse on repeat offenses.
  • Part 7: Inventory System

    Players can press I to open the inventory. Through the inventory you can equip, craft, unlock, and purchase items and rewards. Crafting recipes are unlocked through the level system. Items are crafted using materials; which are gained through capturing points, looting, and trading. To give someone materials or credits, look at them and type /give [amount] [material or credits]. Perks can be purchased with credits at any level, with up to 3 being equipped for a variety of gameplay modifications. Tokens are gained through gameplay based on actions a player performs, and can be spent on a variety of bonuses.
  • Part 8: Weapon Attachments

    By pressing the context menu button (default C), an attachment and stat window will open for your weapon. You are able to track the number of kills you have on enemies, as well as change attachments through this menu. Hovering over an attachment lets you view its details as well as the kills required to unlock it.